Joe Pendarvis

Joe Pendarvis

BA in Education
Cajun/Gulf Coast Creole

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Chef Pendarvis was born and raised in the Southern bayou, which carries an enormous influence on his cooking! Although he is now a Boston chef, Pendarvis keeps close to his Southern roots, choosing to embrace them in an area that is largely unfamiliar with cooking Southern-style food!

“Being Southern is truly something you are born and raised as,” says Pendarvis. “You can’t get rid of it as much as you try….. After moving to Boston and being here fourteen years, attempts to understand New England ways have been thwarted by my ever so persistent Southern roots. So I’ve decided to embrace those roots, celebrate them and share them with others.”

Chef Pendarvis brings his own distinctive flair to each and every dish he creates. With a strong emphasis on Creole, Cajun and Gulf Coast style cuisine, he is truly something unique, offering an alternative way of enjoying and creating food!
Private Events
Do you want to learn how to make a dish that will make you feel as though you are in the heart of New Orleans? Do you want to share this experience with friends and family in the comfort ... moreof your own home? If so, look no farther than this amazingly fun class that can accommodate anywhere from four to a whopping twenty people!

Gumbo is perhaps one of the most quintessential, important dishes in Southern cuisine. In fact, it is the official cuisine in the state of Louisiana! Gumbo is a thick, hearty type of stew which begins with a strongly flavored stock and some sort of protein which can range from shrimp to crawfish to pork or sausage. These two ingredients are then mixed with the southern “holy trinity” of celery, bell peppers and onions. Various spices are incorporated as well to give the gumbo its characteristic heat!

In this class, Chef Pendarvis will share his southern roots with you by instructing you in the art of making this important dish. With his wonderful sense of humor and love for telling stories of the Southland, he will immediately make you feel at home, creating a wonderfully fun and educational experience! Of course, the best part of the class comes towards the end, where you get to relax with your loved ones and dig into the delicious dish you have just created!