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Take your cooking chops to the next level with The Refined Cook Culinary Series — cooking class social events where you learn to prepare healthy, gourmet dinners and meet cool folks ... morein the process.

Wife and husband team, Marlene and Jeff, are passionate cooks and dinner hosts extraordinaire. They will show you how to prepare a sophisticated and fun dinner for a small group (you) and let you in on practical tips, shortcuts and plating techniques to elevate everyday meals into extraordinary ones. You can participate as little or as much as you want—think of it as a cooking class where you get to party, or a party where you’ll learn how to cook!

This is the vegan version of our British-style Indian curry class. We start with one of our fave apps, crisp cauliflower fritters served with an easy-to-make and flavor-packed tomato dip. Learn to make garam masala from scratch, the primary spice blend we will use in our main course: a Mixed Vegetable curry with an awesome mango chutney even Major Grey would be proud of! A salad of organic greens cleans the palate and we cap the evening with lip-smacking golden-fried apples with an exotic maple syrup drizzle.

Cauliflower fritters, Indian-style Mixed Vegetable Curry served with Mango chutney over Basmati rice, Mixed Salad greens , Fried apples drizzled with cardamom and Pistachios maple syrup (Gluten Free)
Cooking is so much more fun when done with a friend or significant other! Discover the most authentic and quality Italian cooking class for a special occasion. This is a wonderful ... morechance to spend an unforgettable day cooking Italian Dinner with Boston legendary Chef Celio, who has shown to be one of our beloved chefs. 

You will learn how to make different kinds of pasta here, such as tortellini and gnocchi. Tortellini has a very distinctive ring shape and is typically stuffed with all sorts of delicious fillings from various cheeses to different kinds of meats. Gnocchi is a small kind of dumpling that is generally thick in texture and flavored with various herbs. 

While the fresh salad and wonderful pasta dish created here is certainly spectacular, the main draw of this class is learning how to make one of the most delicious Italian desserts in existence, Tiramisu! This beloved sweet treat consists of ladyfingers drenched in expresso. These ladyfingers are then layered with a sinfully delicious mixture of eggs, sugar and mascarpone cheese! This is a dessert that many people think is too complicated to make at home, yet here you will learn how to re-create this dish that is sure to please the whole family․

Menu for this class:

Italian Salad in Parmesan Crust Baskets

Fresh Mozzarella Cheese

4 Kinds of Pasta

Take Cupcake Baking & Decorating Class and learn how to make delicious cupcakes. We’ll make everything from scratch with better ingredients and techniques. We’ll have cupcake tastings ... moreand a little gift box to take home.

Start by choosing your batter flavor: Vanilla, chocolate, carrot or Red Velvet? You choose the sweet goodness. We will use pastry spatulas, mixers, cupcake pans and other cool equipment to bake awesome cupcakes. After the baking process, pre-made and chilled cupcakes are brought out to decorate. Again you are free to choose from a variety of frostings like vanilla chocolate, creams, liquid flavors, lemons, almonds and much much more!!
After tasting some cupcakes guests will be free to take all the baked sweetness to home with our beautiful boxes.
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