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A gift card or a gift certificate is a great alternative to cash. This prepaid card comes in handy especially when you want to purchase something and don’t have liquid cash.

In Boston Massachusetts, Selfup offers various a number of cooking class gift certificates. You can use them at any time to attend a class of your choice and learn some new skills and exotic dishes. The gift cards range from $50 upwards.

These cards are valid 1 year from activation.

Here are 5 Experiences You Will Get with Cooking Classes Gift Cards

  1. Private Cooking Class with Iconic Boston Chefs

Selfup is not short of award-winning chefs.

They are selected from almost every continent and are masters of their trade. They have years of experience creating simple yet sophisticated dishes with the highest level of art to present delicious meals.

So imagine having a chance to learn in a private cooking class with any of these master chefs! You get to recreate meals from various places around the world as you learn the tools of the trade.

Moreover, you get to know how to create complicated dishes in a simple way using readily available ingredients!

With a cooking class gift card, you can invite a chef to your home or simply use the venue. Depending on the value of your card, you can decide what meals you want to prepare and the chef you want. You can have a private session with skilled chocolatiers, Asian dumpling warriors, barbeque and Italian cuisine experts.

  1. Creating Authentic 3-5 Course Meals

Any meal you have should be nutritionally balanced, tasty and well presented.

If you want to prepare the best 3-course meals for your friends and family but don’t know where to start, you are in the right place!

A 3-course meal has an appetizer, entrée and dessert. A 5-course meal, on the other hand, has a soup, appetizer, salad, main course and dessert.

Making these two courses is not always easy but it can be with the right guidance. This is why a cooking class gift certificate will help you prepare these courses like a professional chef!

You will learn how to prepare some of the best and simple appetizers, main course and desserts.

  1. French Cuisine and Creating Ingredients from Scratch

The beauty of self-up cooking classes is that you get to prepare your own ingredients from scratch. This is what adds freshness and authenticity to any meal.

You will make ingredients like fresh pasta, bacon and stretch mozzarella cheese. In this class, learning is all about getting to the core of the food and breaking it down. It is knowing how to create and artistically pair different ingredients together.

For instance, if you are making a burger, you make your own buns and even ketchup! How exciting is that!

To start off, you will learn how French dishes are prepared such as crepes, mushroom, and spinach.

The chef will share with you every bit of knowledge they have gained. You can choose to have a private session with your gift card or make it more interesting by having a group.

So bring your passion and have fun learning from the most experienced Boston chefs.

  1. Asian Cuisines

It’s not just about learning how to make local cuisines. A cooking class gift card will take you on a trip down Asia showing you how to prepare the most authentic Asian dishes.

In the “Taste of Asia” class, it’s all about creating tasty Asian dishes that are healthy, flavorful and gluten-free.

The chefs recreate these dishes from their childhood. The cuisines cut across Asian countries like Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, and China. These cooking class parties are all about learning new techniques by promoting a healthy eating lifestyle.

So if you love dumplings get ready to learn how to prepare the dough, folding techniques, and Asian seasoning.

When you come to this self-up class, don’t be afraid to make mistakes because that’s how you will learn. So come prepare and share Asian cuisines with likeminded people as you enjoy carefully selected wine.

  1. Italian Dinners and Tiramisu Finales

Italian dishes are some of the most popular self-up classes. This is because they are versatile, fresh and full of different rich flavors. Also, the recipes are passed on from one generation to another to ensure the authenticity remains.

The iconic Italian chefs make the classes’ fun by preparing pasta from scratch. It starts off with the dough preparation and passing it through a machine to get the right feel. The dough will continue to stretch until it reaches the required quality.

You can also learn how to make vegetarian Italian dishes with a gift card. And if you want a healthy Italian meal, no gluten Italian is a perfect class for you. The gluten-free classes show you how to prepare healthy and yet tasty Italian dishes. So you don’t have to shy away from Italian foods especially pasta!

Here you also learn how to stretch mozzarella and make pizza the Italian way. Other dishes will include manicotti, cheese tortellini and pasta arrabbiata.

If you don’t have a gift card, you can always enjoy this experience as a team. The experience is much more interesting and you get to enjoy the dishes you prepare together.

Get your cooking class gift certificate now…

There’s no better place to learn from a private chef than on self-up. These 5 classes are only the tip of the iceberg. So much more lies in store.

You can get a $50, $100 or $200 gift card and start learning how to cook according to professional chef standards.

Each of the chefs excels in their specific areas of specialty. The private cooking classes are tailor-made to meet all your cooking needs.

It’s also a social way to have fun while you make new friends. The gift cards are E-delivered on the same day.

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