Joe Gatto

Joe Gatto

Private Chef, Culinary Instructor and author
Written a book called Seriously From Scratch
Everything from scratch

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Simply put, Chef Joe Gatto believes in making everything from scratch. This is his art. Rather than using ingredients that are found in a box or pouch, he prefers to create each and every ingredient for a meal by hand, which not only enhances flavor, it also makes it a healthier option! He is not just interested in showing you how to create a meal, he wants you to understand and be able to create every aspect that goes into creating that meal! If you need bread, you do not buy the bread at the store, but rather make it by hand and bake it yourself! One of the best example his give is in regards to teaching a burger class. Not only will you grind and season your own meat, you will create and cook your own buns, slice your own fresh veggies and even make you own custom ketchup!  Joe Gatto is a chef with a true passion for cooking and sharing his knowledge, which is why he strives to make each and every class an entertaining and informative event for everyone involved!
Cooking classes
Chef Gatto is passionate about creating all of his food from scratch. In this class, he will come to you to teach you how to create a delicious meal from the absolute ground up. This ... moremeans that you will be making your own bread, creating your own sauces, grinding your own meat, etc! He will show you how creating foods from scratch not only eliminates unhealthy preservatives, it also gives the food you are making a far deeper flavor and more delicious texture!
Private Events
Chef Gatto is passionate about creating all of his food from scratch. In this class, he will come to you to teach you how to create a delicious meal from the absolute ground up. This ... moremeans that you will be making your own bread, creating your own sauces, grinding your own meat, etc! He will show you how creating foods from scratch not only eliminates unhealthy preservatives, it also gives the food you are making a far deeper flavor and more delicious texture!
Team building
Food is a perfect way to bring groups of people together, and Chef Gatto’s Cajun cooking class is a perfect example of this! Whether a small group of friends or a larger party, gear ... moreup for an unforgettable time creating some of the most famous Cajun dishes!

When you think of Cajun food, gumbo is one of the first things that comes to mind. Chef Gatto will guide your group through creating a delicious chicken and sausage gumbo prepared entirely from scratch. If you think that the gumbo is the star of the show, you will be blown away by the preparation of boudin balls, another staple of Creole cooking. Simply put, boudin is pork and rice sausage that is removed from the casing and formed into bite-sized balls before being breaded and deep-fried. These bite-sized treats will be paired with a creole mustard sauce that your group will also create to create the perfect on-the-go snack!
Eating healthy can be delicious and fun! In this class, Chef Gatto strives to show groups that they can create dishes that are heart-healthy yet still absolutely delicious! Working ... morefrom the ground up, teams join together to create a main course and a side dish completely from scratch that is both satisfying and good for the body!

Groups begin with creating a salad made from the ancient grain farro. Farro has many health benefits over other common starches such as rice and potatoes, and it is easy to work with and absolutely delicious! Teams begin by cooking the farro in water until it is softened, after which it is combined with fresh tomatoes and various herbs to create the perfect beginning to a healthy meal!

Instead of using pasta, the main course involves zucchini noodles which the groups will form as a team. These zucchini noodles pack just as much flavor as their carbohydrate-heavy counterparts, and supply a double dose of nutrition as well! Once the noodles are created, Chef Gatto will show everyone how to create a flavorful avocado pesto accompanied with fresh sautéed shrimp for a dish that will make you understand how delicious healthy eating can be!
Who says that vegetarian food is boring? In this class, Chef Gatto will show your friends how to come together as a team to create some of the best meatless dishes you will ever taste! ... moreThe evening begins with an avocado and citrus ceviche served with a side of chips made from scratch. This delicious, light appetizer is not only chock full of flavors, it is amazingly good for you as well!

After the beginning course, you will move onto the main event, which is a puff pastry stuffed with sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions and Gruyere cheese. Everything in this class is built from the ground up, so you will learn every technique involved, from creating the dough for the pastry to the precise herbs that accompany the vegetables for a taste that is out of this world! At the end of the evening, even the most carnivorous members of your group will not even miss the meat!
The concept of going out to brunch is a favorite tradition among families, couples and groups of friends. There is just something about enjoying brunch with those you are close to ... morethat makes the experience unlike anything else. In the brunch team building class, you will not only have the experience of enjoying brunch with your nearest and dearest, but you will also learn first hand how to create the most delicious options from scratch!

Eggs Benedict is perhaps one of the most classic brunch dishes. Making it yourself may seem complicated, yet this class teaches you as a team how to easily create this delicious brunch course entirely from scratch! Not only will you learn how to perfectly poach the eggs, but you will also learn the basic techniques involved in preparing the Canadian bacon and perfectly preparing the English muffins as well. Everyone knows that the true star of eggs benedict is the hollandaise sauce. In this team building class, Chef Gatto will teach your group how to take this seemingly complicated sauce and break it down into simple steps.

Every good brunch deserves some bread. In the final round, your team will learn how to make some of the most delicious brunch accompaniments imaginable. Using cheddar cheese and green onions, Chef Gatto will instruct the group in constructing to die for drop biscuits as the perfect accompaniment to a remarkable brunch!
The concept of creating delicious French cuisine may seem intimidating at first, particularly when all the ingredients are created from scratch! Chef Gatto makes it fun and easy by ... moreshowing your group how to have fun together while crafting some absolutely delicious traditional French dishes!

Your adventure will begin by crafting one of the most classic French dishes, in the form of a mushroom, spinach and cheese crepe. You will learn how to whisk together flour, eggs, milk, and water before cooking the crepe dough in a griddle until the bottom is perfectly golden brown before adding the savory fillings. The fun doesn’t stop here though! After perfecting the crepe, Chef Gatto will instruct your group on cooking beef bourguignon, an iconic French beef stew consisting of braised beef paired with burgundy wine, garlic and fresh vegetables, such as carrots and onions. As if this delicious fare was not enough, your group will also learn how to make a simple yet mouthwatering French bistro salad as an accompaniment to the rich dishes you have created together! Of course, the best part of this class is learning new cooking techniques together and finally sitting down for a decadent meal you have created as a team!
Gather your friends for a fun-filled evening of learning authentic Cuban cuisine! Chef Gatto will teach you everything you need to know about creating flavorful, classic Cuban dishes. ... moreYour group begins with creating one a classic Cubano pressed sandwich. You will learn how to make and bake the iconic Cuban bread, then pair it with ham, roasted pork before topping the whole creation with swiss cheese, mustard and a healthy helping of pickles. You will then learn the final twist on this delicious creation by grilling the entire concoction on a sandwich press with butter.

What is a delicious sandwich without sides? Chef Gatto will take the experience a step farther by showing your group how to make the most delicious homemade potato chips you will ever taste! And to finish the evening off, your group will come together in a grand finale by creating a classic Cuban dessert, arroz con leche. This is a Cuban take on rice pudding, created by boiling rice and milk together with cinnamon and other spices for a delicious ending to your evening!
This is a team building grilling class is a perfect way for groups to come together to learn some of the basic skills that go into creating a perfect, made from scratch burger! In ... morethis class, teams will work together to create the most delicious ingredients from the ground up, ensuring that the final product is as delicious as possible.

To begin, teams will grind their own meat as the basis of the perfect burger. Once the meat is prepared, teams will go a step farther by making their buns from scratch ingredients and baking them. Once both the meat and buns are prepared, your team will grill the patties to the perfect temperature to create a fresh, from scratch burger that everyone can be proud of!

The fun does not stop at the burger, however. Teams will farther enhance their meal by creating the perfect side dish, lemon, and garlic grilled asparagus! Again, the herbs and marinade used for the vegetable will be created entirely from scratch. As the ultimate reward, teams cement their bond by sitting down at the end to enjoy the final product together!
A delicious steak dinner is something that almost everyone can appreciate. There is a definite technique for cooking steak, and in this class, teams are encouraged to work together ... moreto create the perfect authentic steakhouse dinner!

In the first part of the class, teams will create a classic wedge salad entirely from scratch. This means that you will create everything from the bleu cheese dressing to bacon garnish, coming together in a final product that makes a perfect appetizer.

Teams will then move onto the main course, seared ribeye steaks. Chef Gatto will instruct teams on how to perfectly season and grill the steaks to ideal temperature. Of course, the steaks will be accompanied by a roasted garlic butter that will also be put together in the class.

This class builds team bonds by learning exciting new methods of cooking as a group. In the end, the ultimate experience comes in the form of sitting down as a team and enjoying the fruits of your labor by indulging in a shared, delicious steak dinner!