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Grab your friends and book an evening to learn one of the most valuable and entertaining culinary skills around, creating fresh pasta! Once you have experienced freshly made pasta, ... morethe stuff from the box will never taste as appealing, and you can learn to create this delicious Italian staple at the instruction of an authentic Italian chef while creating a memorable evening with those closest to you! This class is somewhat unusual, as the majority of Boston cooking classes tend to shun traditional Italian cooking, so this is a real treat, as just about everyone loves pasta!

As a group, you will learn how to make two different kinds of pasta from scratch. These are tortellini and gnocchi, both of which are absolutely amazing in their flavor and consistency. As we all know, it is not just the pasta that makes the dish but the sauce as well, so the evening will culminate in the creation of a deliciously authentic ragout! Afterward, the best part awaits you, which is enjoying a well-deserved indulgence in some delicious food coupled with a perfectly paired glass of wine!
Looking for a great way for your team to connect and spend quality time together? The Asian Dumpling Party is an excellent option for bringing people together, as you will learn to ... morecreate to cook your own dumplings in a fun, informal setting!

Chef Chen seeks to impart her passion for dumpling cooking upon each and every one of the class participants. She honors her family’s heritage and her own personal memories by carefully yet informally instructing students in the art of dumpling making. Here you will learn everything you need to know about dumpling making, from constructing the skin to creating the fillings to learning the five traditional folding and crimping techniques!

In this class we will have:

Chinese Tapas (may include a selection of skewers, wontons, bao and dessert dumplings)

Imported Chinese Tea

Scallion Pancakes

Savory Dumplings (Choose two: Signature Pork, Chicken, Vegetarian, Seafood)
Everyone loves to eat Italian food, but learning how to cook it from scratch is just as much fun! Who better to teach you and your friends the ins and outs of pasta than Chef Rudy ... moreDonalson, who has over 15 years of restaurant experience in the North End, Boston’s Italian district. In this fun-filled Selfup cooking class, located in the heart of downtown Boston, you’ll make a multicourse meal with Chef Rudy featuring Italian favorites like

Traditional Italian salad, served in a crispy, salty Parmesan cheese basket

Hand-shaped bulbs of fresh, chewy mozzarella cheese, stretched to perfection

Homemade pasta - including favorites like ravioli, tortellini, and fettuccine - all with delicious fillings and sauces so everyone is sure to make something they’ll love

A delectable tiramisu (the real star of the show!) you’ll create as you layer delicate ladyfinger cookies, soaked in a dark espresso, with a sweet and creamy mascarpone cheese mixture. 

The classic Italian dessert will end an unforgettable night filled with laughter, smiles, and good food. You’ll leave full to bursting with great memories and the skills to make tiramisu at home whenever you’d like - use your new powers wisely!
Bring friends, family, or colleagues together for a delicious learning experience as they taste some of the best artisan chocolate bars from around the world. They’ll be surprised ... moreto discover so many unique flavors in chocolates crafted with cacao beans grown in different countries. Your group will come away with a deeper appreciation for how chocolate is made and how to tell the difference between high-quality chocolates and mass-market products. This team building event is ideal for all kinds of occasions, such as employee birthday celebrations, product launches, a workday break, or an after work social event.

Under the guidance of Beth Kirsch, Boston’s Chocolate Connoisseur, your group will explore the tastes of three milk chocolates and three dark chocolates (please note in the comments if your group prefers to taste more milk or more dark chocolate). Everyone will receive a takeaway bag of Beth's Chocolate bark.
For an unusual and memorable team building experience, you can’t go wrong with chocolate. Beth Kirsch, Boston’s Chocolate Connoisseur, will take your employees on an adventure around ... morethe world as they taste a variety of bean-to-bar chocolates. Then they’ll work together to create scrumptious chocolate treats. Teamwork is rarely this easy, fun, and delicious. People of all ages—and from every type of company—will enjoy this interactive, bonding activity that is sure to leave a lasting impression.
Gather your friends for a fun-filled evening of learning authentic Cuban cuisine! Chef Gatto will teach you everything you need to know about creating flavorful, classic Cuban dishes. ... moreYour group begins with creating one a classic Cubano pressed sandwich. You will learn how to make and bake the iconic Cuban bread, then pair it with ham, roasted pork before topping the whole creation with swiss cheese, mustard and a healthy helping of pickles. You will then learn the final twist on this delicious creation by grilling the entire concoction on a sandwich press with butter.

What is a delicious sandwich without sides? Chef Gatto will take the experience a step farther by showing your group how to make the most delicious homemade potato chips you will ever taste! And to finish the evening off, your group will come together in a grand finale by creating a classic Cuban dessert, arroz con leche. This is a Cuban take on rice pudding, created by boiling rice and milk together with cinnamon and other spices for a delicious ending to your evening!
Craving the rich foods of a traditional French Bistro but can’t make the trip across the pond? Chef Joe Maglio, the former Saucier Chef at Las Vegas’ Palace Court, takes you on a fun-filled ... morejourney of the menu of a classic French Bistro without ever leaving downtown Boston. 

You’ll start your Selfup cooking experience with the traditional Escargot de Bourguignonne - snails sauteed with a homemade compound butter so that the tender, clean flavor of the snails weaves into the savory bite of garlic butter, the tang of perfectly selected white wine, and the gentle snap of shallots. To elevate it further, you’ll work your sinfully rich snails into a puff pastry, complete with a richly complex gorgonzola cream sauce. 

Your next course - the Filet au Poivre - is certain to spoil your taste buds with a spicy demi glace made from the filet drippings, Brandy, and green peppercorns. A prime cut of meat expertly paired with a sauce so delicious you’re sure to be sopping it up with a baguette makes an impeccable main course. 

The only dish that could follow a meal like this is the classic Bananas Foster. You’ll learn how to recreate this flambeed tableside classic in your own kitchen as you caramelize bananas until their natural sugars crystalize, and then are served warm over vanilla ice cream. 

This cooking class is a perfect romantic night out for couples, or fun adventure for friends or coworkers. After your au revoir, you’ll be able to recreate these French Bistro classics in your own kitchen.
Learn to make your own pizza that rivals any pizzeria! Chef Joe Maglio will start off this pizza making team building by guiding you through the process of making your own homemade ... moreextraordinary Pizza dough. Just when you think your mission nears its end, you will realize that things are just starting to happen. Out will come bowls with hot water, salt and ice, and you will move on to stretching your own Mozzarella cheese. With top-notch dough and freshly made cheese, there is only one thing left to build an ultimate pizza pie, the toppings! You will have a plethora of those to choose from to put together your own world-class pizzas and calzones. 
Learn how to make street tacos you crave as you explore the best of Mexican street food with a twist from executive chef Joe Gatto. ... more

We start by making Vietnamese beef lettuce wraps. Then a chicken taco with homemade Pico de Gallo and we will also make corn tortillas. Finally, a fish taco with tangy coleslaw on flour tortillas, that you will learn to make from scratch.
Authentic Japanese cuisine is one of the most intriguing and delicate ones in the world. It is not a mere food preparation but a continuous conversation between you and the master ... morechef. A true Japanese chef can read your eyes to make adjustments to what he serves you next. You are in the center of the process, not at the receiving end.

We took this unique approach of Japanese master chefs one step further with an authentic Japanese cooking class. Not only will you watch the mesmerizing process of Sushi preparation, but you will get to try your own hand at it. It is not one or two, but eight kinds of different dishes you will learn to prepare in this cooking class. It is fun, exhilarating and the best Sushi you will taste in Boston!

Chef Augusto spent most of his life working as a Sushi chef in Japan and is officially certified to practice around the world. There are many secrets to making world class Sushi, but in this cooking class Chef Augusto will show you all of his.

Our Sushi menu includes:
Sake-maki / salmon hossomaki
Tekamaki / tuna hossomaki
Kappa-maki / cucumber hossomaki
Temaki zushi / temaki
Sake uramaki / salmon uramaki
Kariforunia uramaki / California uramaki
Oshizushi / pressed sushi
Maki Atsui / hot roll
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