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Learn to cook your favorite dumplings from scratch! Ditch the white takeout boxes and streaming services for a fun night out making your favorite dumplings from scratch! Chef Rudy ... moreis a Cape Cod native who has over 15 years of chef experience running four restaurants in the North End. He’s mastered his skills in several ethnic cuisines - including dim sum! In this social environment, conveniently located in downtown Boston, you’ll learn how to make all your favorite dim sum treats using traditional Chinese ingredients and utensils. Dumpling varieties include: 

Dim Sum Style Dumplings filled with savory pork and tender veggies, either steamed or pan fried.

Pot Stickers stuffed with your choice of mushrooms and chicken, shrimp, or pork and pan-fried.

Jiaozi Dumplings, filled with chicken and vegetables. A specialty around Chinese New Year and considered very lucky!

It’s impossible to eat all of these dumplings you’ve handcrafted and not have a great time. With drinks, friends, and Chef Rudy, we guarantee your Selfup experience will have you smiling - and dim sum!
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Cooking Party & Dinner
You'll be surprised to discover how many unique flavors you can taste in chocolates crafted with cacao beans grown in different parts of the world. Along the way, you'll gain a deeper ... moreappreciation for how chocolate is made, all the steps involved in chocolate production that affect both flavor and texture, and how to tell the difference between high-quality chocolates and mass-market products.

Under the guidance of Beth Kirsch, Boston’s Chocolate Connoisseur, you’ll explore the tastes of three milk chocolates and three dark chocolates (please note in the comments if your group prefers to taste more milk or more dark chocolate). Everyone in the group will receive a takeaway bag of Beth's Chocolate bark.
labelText|Chocolate journey around the world
Cooking Party & Dinner
Everyone loves to eat Italian food, but learning how to cook it from scratch is just as much fun! Who better to teach you and your friends the ins and outs of pasta than Chef Rudy ... moreDonalson, who has over 15 years of restaurant experience in the North End, Boston’s Italian district. In this fun-filled Selfup cooking class, located in the heart of downtown Boston, you’ll make a multicourse meal with Chef Rudy featuring Italian favorites like

Traditional Italian salad, served in a crispy, salty Parmesan cheese basket

Hand-shaped bulbs of fresh, chewy mozzarella cheese, stretched to perfection

Homemade pasta - including favorites like ravioli, tortellini, and fettuccine - all with delicious fillings and sauces so everyone is sure to make something they’ll love

A delectable tiramisu (the real star of the show!) you’ll create as you layer delicate ladyfinger cookies, soaked in a dark espresso, with a sweet and creamy mascarpone cheese mixture. 

The classic Italian dessert will end an unforgettable night filled with laughter, smiles, and good food. You’ll leave full to bursting with great memories and the skills to make tiramisu at home whenever you’d like - use your new powers wisely!
labelText|The Most Delicious Dessert Ever
Cooking Party & Dinner
Learn to make your own pizza that rivals any pizzeria! Chef Joe Maglio will start off this pizza making team building by guiding you through the process of making your own homemade ... moreextraordinary Pizza dough. Just when you think your mission nears its end, you will realize that things are just starting to happen. Out will come bowls with hot water, salt and ice, and you will move on to stretching your own Mozzarella cheese. With top-notch dough and freshly made cheese, there is only one thing left to build an ultimate pizza pie, the toppings! You will have a plethora of those to choose from to put together your own world-class pizzas and calzones.
labelText|Gourmet Pizza Made Easy!
Cooking Party & Dinner
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Looking for a great way for your team to connect and spend quality time together? The Asian Dumpling Party is an excellent option for bringing people together, as you will learn to ... morecreate to cook your own dumplings in a fun, informal setting!

Chef Chen seeks to impart her passion for dumpling cooking upon each and every one of the class participants. She honors her family’s heritage and her own personal memories by carefully yet informally instructing students in the art of dumpling making. Here you will learn everything you need to know about dumpling making, from constructing the skin to creating the fillings to learning the five traditional folding and crimping techniques!

In this class we will have:
Chinese Tapas (may include a selection of skewers, wontons, bao and dessert dumplings)
Imported Chinese Tea
Scallion Pancakes
Savory Dumplings (Choose two: Signature Pork, Chicken, Vegetarian, Seafood)
labelText|An Asian Favorite
Cooking Party & Dinner
Authentic Japanese cuisine is one of the most intriguing and delicate ones in the world. It is not a mere food preparation but a continuous conversation between you and the master ... morechef. A true Japanese chef can read your eyes to make adjustments to what he serves you next. You are in the center of the process, not at the receiving end.

We took this unique approach of Japanese master chefs one step further with an authentic Japanese cooking class. Not only will you watch the mesmerizing process of Sushi preparation, but you will get to try your own hand at it. It is not one or two, but eight kinds of different dishes you will learn to prepare in this cooking class. It is fun, exhilarating and the best Sushi you will taste in Boston! 

Chef Augusto spent most of his life working as a Sushi chef in Japan and is officially certified to practice around the world. There are many secrets to making world class Sushi, but in this cooking class Chef Augusto will show you all of his.

Our Sushi menu includes:
Sake-maki / salmon hossomaki
Tekamaki / tuna hossomaki
Kappa-maki / cucumber hossomaki
Temaki zushi / temaki
Sake uramaki / salmon uramaki
Kariforunia uramaki / California uramaki
Oshizushi / pressed sushi
Maki Atsui / hot roll
labelText|As good as Sushi gets!
Cooking party
Take your cooking chops to the next level with The Refined Cook Culinary Series — cooking class social events where you learn to prepare healthy, gourmet dinners and meet cool folks ... morein the process.

Wife and husband team, Marlene and Jeff, are passionate cooks and dinner hosts extraordinaire. They will show you how to prepare a sophisticated and fun dinner for a small group (you) and let you in on practical tips, shortcuts and plating techniques to elevate everyday meals into extraordinary ones. You can participate as little or as much as you want—think of it as a cooking class where you get to party, or a party where you’ll learn how to cook! Marlene will show you how to recreate the authentic flavors from her childhood and from traveling extensively throughout Asia. Classes are often inspired by cuisines from Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, and China. Asian cuisine is largely gluten-free and one of the tastiest and healthiest cuisines in the world.

Thai Organic Chicken and Shrimp Lemongrass Coconut Soup (Tom Kha Gai), Chinese Five-Spice Pan-fried All Natural Pork tenderloin Medallions, Sautéed Shanghai petite bok choy, Steamed Organic brown rice, Pandan and Coconut Jelly (Gluten Free) 

Event details:

Price covers tuition and materials (you will receive a copy of recipes)
Class size 6-8 participants

Our ingredients are minimally, if at all, processed, and are usually organic or natural
Must be 21 yrs. and older
Held in a private home in a semi-professional kitchen with first-rate equipment (e.g., 6-burner Wolf range)
Instruction style is a combination of demonstration and hands-on
labelText|Asian favorite
Cooking Party & Dinner
If you’re looking for the perfect group activity—for family, friends, wedding parties, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special celebrations—this is it! Relax and have fun as you ... moreenjoy tasting and making chocolates. Beth Kirsch, Boston’s Chocolate Connoisseur, will take you on a chocolate journey around the world as you compare the surprisingly diverse flavors of craft chocolates made from cacao beans grown in many different countries.

Then you’ll roll up your sleeves and make some chocolates! There’s no cooking involved…just a good time making and decorating chocolate disks known as mendiants. These French chocolates are traditionally topped with nuts and dried fruit, but here's your chance to be creative (or not!) as you choose from a variety of toppings. You’ll leave with a new appreciation for chocolate along with a box of your creations to share with family and friends.
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Cooking Party & Dinner

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Cooking parties are more than just learning new culinary skills. It’s a great way to personally interact and make memories with those closest to you.

Whether you are looking for team building events or private cooking parties, this is the place to be.

The iconic Boston chefs will show you how to recreate some of the best cuisines locally and internationally. And show you and your crew how to have fun while doing it!

So if you are looking for cooking party ideas, keep reading and start making mouthwatering meals.

Here are 7 Delicious Meals You Will Make At Private Cooking Parties

Meal #1: No Frills Dumplings Cooking Parties

Dumplings are a popular dish originating from Asia. This class is perfect for spending a significant amount of time together as a group. The excitement of learning how to make a foreign cuisine from the master chefs is worth it.

The dumplings cooking class party is ideal for learning how to prepare the skin and fillings and finally serve.

Depending on what you want, you can have this private class at the comfort of your home or the venue.

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Meal #2: Chocolate Making and Tasting Cooking Parties

At least 9 out of 10 women love chocolates! Chocolates make people happy.

So if you are looking for a bachelorette party cooking class, chocolate making, and tasting is for you.

With a bachelorette party of 12 or fewer ladies, you will share an unforgettable chocolate experience. Our award-winning chocolatier will teach you how to make delicious chocolate treats using basic techniques.

No fancy equipment is needed, only your passion for chocolate. You also get to learn how to pair different ingredients with chocolate such as nuts and dried fruits.

The class is fun, tasty and the lessons you get will last you a lifetime. You make and eat your own chocolates!

During the tasting, you will identify different cocoa beans and ingredients used to make a variety of chocolates. You will compare flavors from different countries to gain a deeper appreciation.

Meal #3: Italian Dinner With Tiramisu Finale Cooking Parties

Italy has long been associated with pasta. So how about learning how to make your own pasta from experienced Italian chefs? Everything about this class is on freshness; making your own ingredients from scratch.

This will require a lot of passion and that why it is more enjoyable to do it as a group or with a partner. A strong support system will bring the fun out of the experience.

But this cooking class dinner party is not just about making pasta and fresh salad. You get to make the most classic Italian desserts – Tiramisu. This dessert is made up of ladyfingers soaked in espresso. They are then layered with eggs, sugar and mascarpone cheese.

Whereas this dessert sounds complicated, the chefs will show you the simple and quick tricks involved.

Meal #4: Best Barbeque Cooking Parties

The beauty about this selfup barbeque class is that you get to make barbeque like a professional chef!

The great thing about this cooking class is that you learn technique, seasoning, and flavoring.

The award-winning chef will show you how to make world-class barbeque through a one on one session. Such cooking parties are ideal for meat and barbeque lovers.

And what’s a barbeque without sauce? You’ll learn how to make the most delicious barbeque sauce, marinade, sides and rubs.

This class is also about knowing how to butcher, size, prepare cornbread etc. This will give you the full American barbeque experience.

Meal #5: Cooking From Scratch Cooking Parties

Cooking from scratch is no longer kids cooking parties alone. The fun and learning experience attached to making everything from scratch is unforgettable.

This cooking lesson will show you how to have fun making fresh pasta, tamales, grinding meat etc. You will make your own bread and sauces and learn how to remove unhealthy preservatives.

Your culinary instructor will show you quick tricks to make the process fast, simple and effective.

Cooking from scratch is one of those cooking party ideas that are best learned in a group. For instance, if you want a birthday party cooking class, invite everyone to learn new culinary skills.

Meal #6: Taste of Asia Cooking Parties

This class is a social event aligned towards healthy gourmet cooking. Taste of Asia is about learning new techniques and preparing healthy delicious food.

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be a chore. The chefs show you how to make a lifestyle out of eating flavorful healthy meals. The ability to create a constant supply of dishes that are tasty, delicious and nutritious is the goal.

This selfup class is one of the most popular bachelorette party cooking classes. This is because ladies want to prepare healthy and tasty meals for their families.

It is also ideal for kids cooking parties as a way of encouraging children to eat healthy.

If you are having a birthday party cooking class, you will learn how to make a gluten-free cake. You will also learn how to prepare alternatives to unhealthy snacks prepared during birthday parties.

Meal #7: Healthy Cooking For Kids Cooking Parties

This kids cooking party is meant to increase confidence in kids by teaching them how to prepare healthy meals.

The class is perfect for full time working parents whose concern is preparing three meals per day for their kids. You want to ensure they are well fed but are also getting maximum nutrition.

So why not teach them how to prepare healthy meals and save valuable time?

The chef personally makes a home visit to teach the kids all the culinary skills they need. They are taught about knife techniques, ingredients, methods of preparation and healthy flavorful treats.

The group setting makes it more fun for kids as they learn and make mistakes together. This confidence booster will prompt them to start preparing healthy meals around the home.

Parents attest that this selfup class enables kids to cook healthy and even start making dinner for the whole family!

Which selfup Cooking Parties do you want to join?

Don’t enjoy any of these experiences alone. Whether you are planning an event for a bachelorette, anniversary, birthday or kids cooking party, selfup is the best place to be.

So tag along and enroll now for any of these classes here.

You can come to us or we can come to you; chose your venue!