Meet Selfup Boston Chefs

Rudy Donalson

Rudy Donalson is a Cape Cod native who has over 15 years of chef experience running four restaurants in the North End. He has mastered his skills in several ethnic cuisines - including dim sum! Check out his cooking classes and book a class with him. Rudy is Well-versed in propelling culinary excellence within prestigious restaurants and driving outstanding dining experiences while consistently surpassing guest and management expectations and adhering to any necessary dietary restrictions.

John Peredina

John is a creative chef with 18+ years of experience making kitchens run efficiently. Beyond the cutting-edge food knowledge that he brings, his rapt attention to detail and organization keep quality high and food delicious. His interpersonal skills helps keep the Selfup students learning and entertained. Chef John Takes pride in every meal hand selecting every ingredient and exploring new territories daily. Check out cooking classes and team building activities with him! 

Masa Oyamada

Chef Masa came from Tokyo Japan who brings unique cooking concept of meals;‚ÄúEat with eye‚ÄĚ.¬†His intentions are to bring; the taste, flavor, healthy, artful dishes to eat from¬†‚Äėeye‚Äô. It means the excellent presentation on the plates and table is one of key¬†ingredient to make your meal ‚Äėmore‚Äô delicious.