A Winning Recipe: The Benefits of Taking Selfup Cooking Classes in NYC

New York City is ripe for the senses. Between the sights, sounds, happenings, and overall constant movement, something new to experience is around every corner. For food enthusiasts, this metropolis is full of a variety of cultures and flavors, offering a vibrant culinary mosaic to explore. Participating in live cooking classes and workshops is a great way to engage with this electrifying landscape up close while learning from the top professionals in the culinary field.

Whether you are looking to add new recipes to your regular rotation, your palate and wallet have been exhausted by takeout, you’d like to explore a new-to-you cuisine, or you’re simply looking for a new way to engage with the city, taking an in-person cooking class can meet your needs.

Whatever your cooking class goals, Selfup NYC has something for everyone.

Partaking in a class is about more than learning recipes, however. Classes can lead participants down the paths of creativity, self-discovery, and growth in sometimes unexpected ways.


5 Benefits of Taking Cooking Classes

1. Elevate your techniques and boost your confidence in the kitchen.

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Whether you’re just getting to know your own stove or you’re a seasoned veteran in an apron, participants can find classes that fit their skill and comfort level to help build and refine culinary competencies. In conquering new recipes and practicing new skills under the instruction of professionals, aspiring chefs can leave classes more self-assured and poised to take on new challenges in their own kitchens.


2. Learn from NYC’s premier chefs.

At Selfup, class participants have the unique opportunity to experience the best of the Big Apple, exploring Chinese, Italian, French, Mexican, and Japanese cuisines. Classes are led by a team of chefs and instructors who are not only passionate about their craft but also hold reputations for being masters at what they do within the New York City culinary scene. Meet Selfup’s New York chefs.


3. Socialize and make new connections.

Cooking is about more than crafting dishes. As cooking can often be viewed as a communal activity, cooking class settings offer the opportunity to socialize and connect. Whether attendees are swapping and sharing culinary tips, connecting through an affinity for a particular cuisine, or merely sharing laughs over the meal they’ve just made, aspiring chefs can bond over their shared class experience and the delicious fruits of their labor.


4. Embrace a healthier relationship with food.

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Taking a cooking class can be an engaging way to cultivate a healthier relationship with food in general. By connecting with the processes, ingredients, and techniques involved in completing a recipe, a deeper appreciation for the meal can be fostered. Hands-on kitchen experience can help highlight the nutritional value of recipe components and teach attendees the skills necessary to create more balanced meals. This awareness can manifest in class participants making healthier choices in the foods they consume later to more adequately meet their healthy living goals. Finally, in understanding the time, effort, and energy that goes into preparing a nutritious and balanced meal, class members may find themselves more encouraged to appreciate their meals mindfully to further lean into a harmonious, nourishing relationship with food.


5. Unlock untapped creativity.

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As an art, cooking leans into experimentation and innovation to create new things that entice the senses. Recipes are instructions that, when followed, can deliver something delicious. As cooking class participants gain confidence and familiarity with the techniques, kitchen tools, and ingredients, they can become more comfortable in trusting their instincts, personal flavor profile favorites, and overall culinary curiosity. Those introductory recipes can become canvases upon which fledgling chefs can build and experiment upon to create dishes that truly become their own.


Embracing the New York City food scene is about more than merely satisfying your tastebuds. Experiencing it through a cooking class can lead to culinary encounters as vibrant as the city’s bright lights. At Selfup, each class is the opportunity to challenge yourself with new skills, explore cuisines and flavors, and create something that you can be proud of.

Our chefs are ready to take you on a flavor-filled adventure. Book your class today.

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