Couples Cooking Classes for Valentines Romance

Getting together with the love of your life for some one-on-one time is essential to keeping the fires of your relationship strong. This is true in normal circumstances and during the most trying times. While staying home watching a movie or binging a TV show is fun, there's something special about getting out and spending time together doing an activity—like cooking!

Couples cooking classes can be a great way to learn a new skill and bond with your lover through the art of working with your hands. Consider all the powerful benefits of date nights, having one-on-one time with your spouse or partner. Take time out for just the two of you by learning how to cook an amazing meal in a low-stress, fun environment.

Learning to Value Date Nights

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Date nights are just plain fun and can allow a couple to let their hair down, so to speak, and have the time to just enjoy one another. Couples cooking classes are a great way to get together with the jewel of your heart—but you may think that date nights should stop after you're officially in a relationship with someone!

Did you know that date nights are actually just as vital to maintaining a relationship after you've become a couple as it is to the establishing of one?

The Benefits of Couple Time

Couple time can increase the quality of your relationship substantially, according to a review of couple behavior done by the University of Virginia.

Couples who actively try to spend one-on-one time together have better communication skills. They also have higher sexual satisfaction with their partner, and in the long term, experience higher levels of commitment. This is for several reasons. For one, actively staying interested in your partner makes both of you feel more valuable to one another and like no one is taking the other for granted. Two, couple activities help add more excitement to life, increasing the number of fun experiences shared between two people.

The combined effect ensures that your relationship stays interesting and that you both feel like you're interested in each other. 

Different Kinds of Couples

Depending on how you view relationships, date nights may be more or less valuable. For those who are naturally less inclined to spend time with their partner or have schedules that don't allow it, making time for one another is particularly important.

This is also true for those who believe that marriage is an ultimate and sacred showing of romantic love and for couples who tend to rely on one another emotionally heavily and for socialization. This kind of coupling usually involves two people who bond with one another often over emotional issues and life occurrences. However, it can also lead to two people neglecting the romantic sides of their relationship.

Doing more than the traditional date of "dinner and a show" can increase this effect. Making new novel experiences can be the element that ensures that you, as a couple, have a lot to talk about and hold unique experiences between the two of you.

Potential Issues of Not Spending Enough Time Together

Nowadays, people are more separate from one another than ever, making getting out and couple time even more essential.

According to this report made by Brigham Young University, women are much less happy in relationships where there is a low amount of couple time, especially if they don't have many friends or aren't a part of a community organization. Overall, the more couple time, the more satisfied women are in a relationship, whether they have a large network of community support or not. 

While the overall change in life satisfaction based on couple time is somewhat lower in men, men who have dedicated couple time at least once a week are almost 2.5 times less likely to think about divorce. Plus, with frequent time spent one-on-one, men are significantly more satisfied with how they communicate as a couple. Overall, men who are around their partner at least once a week for alone time are 2x to 3x more satisfied in all aspects of their relationship. 

Different Kinds of Couples Cooking Classes

Gifting a Couples Cooking Class | A couple cooking salad

Couples cooking classes are one of those exciting "novel experiences" that you and your lover can have together. Cooking classes are great because it offers two kinds of experiences. One, it teaches you and your partner a new skill. Secondarily, it's also a great group activity that gets you out of the house—but together!

Italian, Asian, French, and More!

When you get a couple's cooking class from Selfup, you can start gaining skills in many kinds of cuisine!

Did you have your honeymoon in Italy? Why not learn how to make fresh pasta in a hands-on workshop that will rival an Italian grandmother's pasta! Get a little flour on your apron and find out how to layer the perfect ravioli. Not to mention you'll get to eat all the delicious food you'll be making.

Have you always dreamed of visiting Paris? Get more familiar with French Cuisine with a France-inspired cooking class instead. Learn how to make the French classics, so you can enjoy them whenever you'd like without having to travel!

Valentine's Day Special

Or, if you'd like a special Italian Valentine's Day workshop, try out the Couples cooking classes!

This is a multi-course experience that will walk you through everything from a classic Italian salad to creating our tiramisu. Enjoy making some fresh pillowy mozzarella to use in your meal, and enjoy everything from fresh tortellini to homemade chicken marsala. Plus, you'll learn a bit about mixology while you make and try a variety of refreshing and delicious cocktails!

The Value of a Valentines Date

Getting out on Valentine's Day is a great way to exclaim your love and appreciation for someone. Deciding to participate in couples cooking classes can help you spend some one-on-one time with your lover.

Even outside of Valentine's Day, though, it's a good idea to make a habit out of getting out with your spouse. While it's not always easy to find the time, making an effort can have a lot of benefits and improve the long-term strength of your marriage.

Taking couple's cooking courses can be a great way to get that personal time in, and it can help create some excitement in your daily life with new cooking skills taught to you by a professional chef!

Planning the Perfect Date Night for Valentine's Day

Cooking Classes for Couples | Cooking Class in Action

If you're in the Boston area, Selfup offers a variety of couples cooking classes, starting at $89 per person. You can have a night out, indulging in a delicious meal you've made alongside someone you love. 

If you're looking to surprise your special someone with a cooking class, or you're a friend or family member trying to encourage a homebound couple to get out, consider getting a gift card! From making pasta from scratch, or learning how to make a dim sum, Selfup offers a variety of courses for any food-loving lovers in need.

By taking time out away from your home to have special bonding time with your loved one, you can preserve the strength of your relationship and take time to appreciate your loved one—all while having fun and learning!

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