Learn How to Make a Pizza Easy

Take on the challenge of learning how to make a pizza with your friends or just your loved one. Learn to make dough, toppings, and all the important cheeses! 

Contrary to popular belief, the history of Pizza reveals that Pizza finds its origins in ancient Egyptian, Roman, and Greek culture. Through the ages, Pizza has taken on many names, flavors, and forms– including flatbread and Na’an–and was widely used as an accompaniment to ethnic dishes in the Middle East and Europe. It has been enjoyed in the form of thin crust, thick crust, seasoned crust, and deep-dish style, and is also a huge hit among all ages because of its adaptability.

According to origin stories, pizza was traditionally found in Naples–the modern birthplace of pizza–as a convenient, cheap, and filling dish that could be eaten quickly. Pizzas consumed early on in Naples were associated with the poor and considered repugnant by the elite, however, it later became a dish Queen Margherita loved which she discovered after visiting Naples in 1889. Because of its versatile nature and insane level of tastiness, Pizza and variations of Pizza gained traction in countless countries. Rumor has it that the queen’s favorite topping combination was that of basil, fresh mozzarella, and red tomatoes, which is exactly what constitutes the Margherita pizza we see on Italian menus across the world. 

Want to Learn How to Make a Pizza? Join Us!

Fresh pizza from a local pizza shop is unlike anything else. From an authentic Italian spot, even better. Pizza from a frozen pizza box, though? Not so much. If you’re tired of frozen pizza or if the tastes and smells of homemade pizza excite you, and you are itching to take it up a notch in the kitchen, learn how to make a pizza from scratch with all the fixings your heart desires.

Team-building cooking classes are a spectacular activity to experience something immersive, fun, and educational with friends new and old. For couples, cooking a pizza in a group setting with supervision and guidance from an expert Italian chef make for a romantic evening. For friends and family, it is a creative way to work together and bond in new ways, perhaps even an outlet to help resolve family feuds. And for colleagues or potential business partners, it is a brilliant way to break the ice and promote friendly conversation and fruitful partnerships–outside the workplace. 

You’ll leave our homemade pizza group cooking activity feeling accomplished, satiated, and with new skills under your belt to whip out at home when you’re craving a homemade pizza with fluffy or crispy pizza crust. Now when someone wants to know how to make pizza, you’ll be able to show them firsthand, without hesitation.

Ready to jump into the kitchen and prepare a homemade pizza? Check out our calendar for updates on our upcoming Pizza Making classes, and rally a troop who would want to join in on the fun!

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Pizza Making Classes

Our Pizza Making & Mixology Team Building activity by Joe Maglio is a hands-on experience where you’ll get to roll and prep handmade pizza doubt that is out of this world. In the beginning of class, Joe Magilo will guide you through creating and kneading the perfect dough from salt, flour, water, and olive oil–which is really all you need to knead! After kneading the bread to perfection, set the dough aside and watch it rise as you begin to sauté tomatoes in preparation for crafting a supremely delicious and slightly citrus tomato-based pizza sauce.

Next come the toppings, which you’ll then delicately place in whatever arrangement you choose on top of your pizza and within your calzone, which is essentially a pizza dough with topping, sauce, and cheese folded in half and cinched at the sides to create a half-dome shape. You’ll have a plethora of ingredients to choose from, and you’ll even get to stretch your own mozzarella cheese in a bowl of hot water, salt, and ice to create the perfect consistency. 

Once the dough has risen and the toppings, cheese, and sauce are ready to go, throw everything together and pop that baby into the oven because it’s about to be a pizza party! For an immaculate complement to the homemade pizza, you will be making, you’ll get front row seats to learn from an incredible mixologist who will guide you through the flavors and aromas of 5 refreshing cocktails.  

Cocktails you’ll be learning about and taste testing: 

*Sparkling Elder Flower Cocktail

*Turbinado Old Fashioned

*1930's Havana, Cuba Daiquiri

*Prohibition Bees Knees with Lavender infused Acacia Honey

*Pear Brandy Cocktail infused with lemon, lime, and orange zest

*House-made Ginger Beer

Throughout the cooking experience, we encourage you to get to know your neighbor, ask engaging questions, and follow instructions for the most desired outcome. Now drink, eat and be merry with your team and sip on some cocktails to wash down the carbs!  

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The Best Toppings for Pizza

You can literally top a pizza with anything, and we almost guarantee it will be good. Pepperoni, mushrooms, anchovies, buffalo chicken–you name it, it’s probably going to pair phenomenally. Even Nutella and fruit taste divine on a dessert pizza!

 If you’re going for a savory pizza, you can choose from ingredients like bell peppers, onions, olives, cheeses, meats, and fresh herbs to bring out the flavors of the classic Italian cuisine. For nontraditional pizzas that are sweet in flavor, utilize fruits, caramel or chocolate spread, powdered sugar, and nuts for some added nutrition. 

Likewise, you can also select from an eclectic range of pizza sauces or combine a few to create a unique pizza sauce base. For savory pizzas, the most-loved sauces tend to be fresh tomato marinara, pesto, or a white sauce–which is generally a combination of heavy cream, butter, and cheese to make a rich Alfredo.

Whatever sauces and toppings you decide on, you can’t go wrong! Feel free to stick with what you know, or take a little walk on the wild side and branch out with some new ingredient combinations. It’s pizza, pizza can’t taste bad–unless you burn it of course.

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Ready for some fun with friends? Rally a troop and tie your hair back because we’re about to take you on a playful ride during our Pizza Making Class at Selfup. Give the gift of group cooking classes to a loved one or colleague with one of our gift cards.

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