Learn to Cook Delicious Vegetarian Italian Dishes

When people think of Italian food, the first word that comes to mind might not be “healthy.” In fact, Italian food is often associated with being rich, decadent, carb-loaded, filling, and flavorful. But who’s to say you can’t have it all? We took our time designing the perfect Italian cooking class for vegetarian-friendly folks that combines traditional Italian ingredients with complimentary veggies and herbs, which will surely nourish your belly and soul.

We understand that every individual has different dietary requirements, and we strive to make our classes inclusive and accepting to all. To experience Italian as a vegetarian is not hard, which we demonstrate in our vegetarian Italian cooking course. It is suitable for anyone who wants to try cutting their meat consumption, is flexitarian, or doesn’t eat meat due to ethical or environmental reasons.

Within Selfup’s Italian Vegetarian cooking class, you’ll be using the finest vegetarian ingredients to craft homemade pasta dough, fresh cheese, and tangy sauces that are all so tasty, they’ll eliminate any guilt that comes with devouring mounds of pasta! The best part is that the dishes you’ll be making are so abundant and protein-packed that you won’t even realize there’s no meat.

Vegetarian Italian | A salad

Make Vegetarian Italian Dishes that Taste Great!

In our Italian Vegetarian Cooking Class, you’ll learn to prep, craft, and plate dishes that look how they taste–positively glorious! Delve into the depths of all things Italian food with our multi-course menu, complete with an authentic Italian dessert! Unfold the flavors of Italy via homemade dough from scratch, indulge in healthy and fresh ingredients, and entice your palette with our exceptionally paired wines to make the pasta you’ve created all the more joyful to your taste buds. 

You’ll use traditional Italian cuisine, including fresh cheese–which you’ll stretch your hand–herbs like basil, parsley, oregano, and dried red chili peppers, and hand kneaded pasta dough–which you’ll mold into classic Italian pasta shapes. Explore the traditions and rich history encapsulated within every flavorful dish through our easy-to-follow class with talented and friendly expert chefs. Some authentic dishes you’ll be creating include Manicotti–a tubular-shaped pasta which you’ll stuff with an impeccably creamy, savory cheese and herbs filling, and Arrabbiata sauce, a vegetarian dish famous for its spicy and distinctive taste. This introduction to dish history will give you a better sense of what herbs, spices, and veggies pair well with certain cheeses and pasta shapes.

Alongside homemade pasta and sauce, you’ll learn to craft a traditional Italian salad with fresh cheese, greens, and juicy tomatoes that burst on your tongue, accompanied by crispy, buttery garlic bread. For dessert, you’ll be crafting traditional creamy Tiramisu, divinely decadent and creamy, with hints of espresso. If that’s not enough to make your mouth water, you’ll have to come into class to find out how delicious the food you’ll learn to cook is!

Healthy Italian | people holding pasta dough

After class, you’ll take on a new mindset on what makes pasta perfect. Next time you hit the grocery store, you’ll opt for ingredients to make homemade pasta with fewer, more nutritional ingredients instead of boxed pasta alternatives with who knows what inside.


Whether you’re strictly vegetarian, dabble in meatless Mondays, or want to incorporate more healthful vegetarian dishes into your weekly recipe list, our team-building vegetarian Italian cooking class is perfect for all skill levels and food preferences! You’ll get a taste of Tuscany to take home with you with any leftovers you might have from all the dishes you’ve cooked–or you might just lick the plate clean because it’s that good! 

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