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If you gave the average New Yorker a choice between making trust falls or mozzarella balls, which team building idea do you think they’d pick? At Selfup, we already know the answer, and with good reason too: food always wins. We believe that you can cook your way into someone’s heart…even if that heart happens to belong to one of your co-workers. For the people that already mean so much to us – whether near or far – cooking with them and sharing in a delectable meal brings us together and strengthens our bonds. It doesn’t matter if you’re dining from our “home” or the comfort of your own kitchen, Selfup’s culinary team building classes are the kind of fun group activity that makes an impact long after the last morsel is consumed. 

A wise person once said that food is love. In the past, the way to feel that love used to be as easy as sending a text and rallying the gang for a night full of foodie delights. Regardless of the distance between us these last couple of years, food continued to be the force that connected us to our family, our close friends & our heritage. Food also inspired us to seek out knowledge on how to recreate the culinary cultures of the world in their own home. Selfup’s mission is to give everyone in New York City the opportunity to experience this magical connection, cultivate team bonding and obliterate the notion of what group outings can possibly be, all while doing it deliciously.

Fun Team Building Activity in NYC | Team cooking food

Whether you make flawless decorative cakes or tons of kitchen mistakes, it doesn’t matter how good of a cook you are at all. After one of our group cooking classes, you’ll have a bunch of mouthwatering recipes to add to your resume and a full tummy to boot. If you’re cooking with us from the comfort of your own home, we’ll send you a grocery list in advance with everyday household kitchen staples, as well as a few items that may require a trip to the store. (No worries, it’s nothing you’ll spend hours trying to find.) Same goes for the kitchen equipment. It’s somewhere in your cabinets, not just available in the cookware section at Williams Sonoma. If your class is in our kitchen, we’ll have the ingredients and utensils you’ll need to put a chef’s kiss on every plate…without the cleanup!

Wherever you’re preparing the meal, Selfup’s team of expert-vetted local chefs take their places behind the cutting board to show off their stuff to scrumptious results. These talented chefs literally bring a world of culinary knowledge to the table. It’s the kind of experience that pairs perfectly with the wonderous cultural bounty of New York City like an expensive wine. More importantly, they have the kind of charisma and exuberance you’ll feel all the way through your computer screens. Their energy is electric and inspires attendees to work together, even when apart. Our chefs relish in the opportunity to share their secrets with you, so you can impress anyone and everyone, or just keep your own mouth happy for years and years to come.

Best Cooking Classes for Groups in NYC | Plate of pasta

How does a tour of Italy without the passport sound, as your group stretches giant mounds of chewy mozzarella into beautiful little balls? (See, we weren’t kidding.) Who needs a salad bowl, when yours is made of parmesan cheese? Put all those culinary rumors to rest – along with some pasta dough – when you’re filling and cutting fresh ravioli & tortellini. You won’t be able to resist the aroma of mushrooms and wine sautéing in pan, as everyone whips up some creamy Chicken Marsala. Did you think we forgot about the dessert course? No way! It’s a showstopping Tiramisu! 

Perhaps you’re craving a different kind of Italian-style carbohydrate feast? Then break out the San Marzano tomatoes, stretch some more freshly made mozzarella and get ready for an old-fashioned pizza party! Your entire team will learn the delicate art of how to make the lightest, fluffiest, and crispiest pizza dough around. While everyone’s in the pizza zone, Chef will demonstrate the right way to stuff calzone. The whole class will be eating pizza for breakfast the next morning.

“Fly” across Europe and make a stop at the Eiffel Tower, where this tour of the fine art of French cookery begins. This three-course meal literally ends in flames! Course one is a classic Escargot de Bourguignonne with puff pastry, gorgonzola cream sauce, and a compound butter so decadent you’ll never want to eat morning toast the same way again. Next, is the creamy, peppery notes of Filet au Poivre seared to the perfect temperature and oh so juicy. What about those flames we mentioned earlier? Chef will show everyone how to flambe all day until there’s enough Bananas Foster for all. Baguettes not required! 

Team Building in NYC | Plate of dumplings

If breadsticks aren’t tickling your tastebuds, then maybe it’s time to break out the chopsticks? We have classes that feature the traditional style of making Dim Sum and Dumplings. From the subtle nuances of the perfect bao dough to the delicate art of assembling those perfect pouches of umami, Chef will display the exact techniques necessary for creating multiple varieties of dumplings, including ones filled with soup. This is one class that puts the ‘team’ in ‘steam’.

And there’s no reason to worry if cooking isn’t one of the right team building activities for you, your family, or your company. Selfup’s core crew of talented people master in brainstorming up team event ideas for all types of corporate events and occasions. (Still no trust falls.) The most crucial aspect of Selfup significance lies in our ability to find teachable moments in the least expected of places. Galvanizing important relationships and forging new ones for attendees of Selfup team bonding activities is tantamount. They learn something about themselves and the people around them that may even be a surprise.

Our team at Selfup is very aware that it’s an underdone forkful of fettucine to ask a city full of New Yorkers to trust their tastebuds to the kind folks of Beantown. Much like the Yankees, we really knocked their “sawx” off since we started offering classes there. Cross-town rivalry aside, the cooking team building classes happening in Boston right now have garnered a boatload of 5-star reviews from the likes of clients, bosses, workers, and foodies across the entire town. Now, the Selfup family is ready to take on the Big Apple! Get ready!

From the start, Selfup’s goal was to generate team spirit, promote a sense of togetherness and create an atmosphere for an absurd amount of unpredictable fun. For us, it’s about the journey and the destination. Selfup builds bridges of love, acceptance, encouragement, and camaraderie through a never-ending parade of tastiness and laughs.

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