What are the Best Boston Cooking Classes?

There’s something so special and intimate about cooking your cuisines from scratch, especially when you work in tandem with your friends, colleagues, or family. Not only is cooking an intimate act, but so is relishing your creations and sharing your meal together once all is said and done. Think of cooking classes as an elevated way to incorporate new dishes into your recipe rotation–ones you can confidently prepare after you’ve gotten the down low on all the culinary skills required to make it exceptionally tasty.

No need to plop “cooking classes near me” into Google, you’re in the right place. Selfup has a wide array of cooking classes and dinner options in everything ranging from Asian American fusion to Mexican or French Bistro. Each course is designed to help you not only learn how to prepare new dishes, but how to properly use culinary tools and enhance techniques to make the journey to your dish just as exciting as the final product. Whether you’ve made fresh pasta before or not, we guarantee you’ll learn something new each and every class. You really can’t go wrong with whatever class you decide on.


The Perfect Date Night

If you’re tired of going out to dinner, sifting through Netflix for a mediocre romantic comedy flick, or making the same dinner a thousand times over, then you’re in for a treat. Our couples cooking classes are great for those who want to reignite the flame or try something new together. Date night cooking classes encourage couples to learn and work together in new ways and can turn an ordinary evening into an extraordinary memory.

One reason we love couples cooking classes is because they allow lovers to spice up their love life and share an experience that they can then bring back home to their own kitchen. It creates a moment, a memory, that can be cherished for a lifetime and can maybe become a unique tradition for you and your loved ones. Who knows, you might start making Asian dumplings the day before Thanksgiving, or cook bananas foster for your annual Christmas day dessert. Our mission is to help you feel comfortable and confident enough to practice what you’ve learned for years to come, and perhaps even pass your knowledge on to your friends and family.


Selfup Best Boston Cooking Course Options

Pick a genre, any genre. We’ve got diverse ethnic foods from all over the world, including Italian cooking classes, Mexican, French cooking classes, and Asian dumplings and Dim Sum. Below, we’ve listed our favorite cooking classes in Boston that are great for encouraging playfulness and experimentation, as well as fostering community.

Here’s an overview of what you’ll learn in each cooking class.


  • Italian cooking classes
  • Knead and shape pasta into ravioli and fettuccini, whip up the perfect marsala sauce to compliment a tender and juicy chicken, create and stretch fresh mozzarella and mold it into perfect little balls, and conclude class with the creamiest of creamy Tiramisu. Great for Italian food enthusiasts who love a good wine pairing to accompany their meal.
  • Mexican Fiesta
  • Do enchiladas, chicken mole, chips and guac, or fish tacos, turn you on? Then this course is for you. We’ve got all the classic Mexican cuisines wrapped into one course, and you’ll be licking your fingers the whole way through. After enjoying the fiesta with margaritas at the end of the cooking course, you’ll already be eager to plan hosting your own Mexican fiesta, where you can show off all the skills you’ve learned in class.
  • French cooking classes
  • If eating snails intimidates you, that’s all the more reason to try out this French cooking course! You’ll learn to prepare escargot–a traditional French appetizer–and cook it till it is tender and juicy. After this melt and your mouth starter, you’ll also create a Salade niçoise – a go-to salad for the French. Munch on incredibly sauced up meat–a Filet au Poivre if you will–that will make your tastebuds jump for joy, and close out the class by flambeing a balanced yet sweet Bananas Foster.
  • Asian dumplings and Dim Sum
  • Warning: Highly delicious! Proceed with caution. Get playful at our dumpling making course, where you’ll learn to make 3 different diverse dumplings stuffed with savory fillings consisting of a combination of veggies and your choice of meat. By night’s end, you’ll have enough Pot Stickers, Dim Sum Style dumplings, and Jiaozi dumpling leftovers for breakfast the next day! We promise they’ll taste just as good.

As you can see, Selfup has no shortage of options for the best Boston cooking classes. We encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and come get your hands dirty with us! Check out our calendar of upcoming group cooking classes and let us know how we can prepare for your arrival.

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