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Selfup offers cooking classes from some of the leading chefs in the Boston area. Our options range from a solo experience and date night cooking classes to team building corporate functions that allow guests to learn together in a fun and educational environment.

Teaching people how to make delicious, authentic recipes from experts in their field is our passion. Anyone interested in learning how to recreate some of our chef's most prized creations is encouraged to find out more and sign up today. 

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How to Sign up For a Class

 Selfup classes are available for various dates and times convenience, so you can find a time that works best for your needs. Go to the website and browse through the options listed. There's plenty of choices that range in cooking styles and flavors, so there's something special for everyone.

Browse through the classes that grab your attention and click the link to get more information about the topic and recipe featured for that selection. There's also information about the chef teaching the class. Our chefs are all leaders in their specialties and bring a wealth of experience and know-how to each session. 

Once you decide which classes and dates you want to schedule, you can schedule it in just a few clicks. We are committed to offering our customers a satisfactory experience and offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you have any issues with our services. 

Check Out the Class Categories

When you choose Selfup for your cooking instructional classes, you get to choose from several options. Consider these featured cooking classes. 

These cooking classes are hosted by top chefs in the area with vast experience in each field. Learn from the best and find out how each dish is created to perfection. 

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Vegetarian & Vegan Cooking Classes

More and more people are living a vegetarian lifestyle. Whether you are currently a vegetarian or you want to learn how to prepare vegetarian food to expand your knowledge base, you can find a class that provides you with incredible recipes that are sure to dazzle you. These vegetarian classes are designed to allow students to learn how to create culinary masterpieces that match their interests and will enable them to see firsthand how some of the top chefs in the Boston area make incredible offerings. 

Currently, we offer Italian vegetarian classes and Thai vegan classes. The Italian cooking classes feature healthy foods that are skillfully combined to create a taste sensation that both vegetarians and non-vegetarians will love. This class is ideal for people who want to learn a sure-fire vegetarian crowd-pleaser for personal use or impress friends and family. 

This option is part of The Refined Cook Culinary Series and provides 3 hours of hands-on instruction that's sure to be a fun and beneficial event. Some of the dishes students can expect to learn include pasta arrabbiata and manicotti. These dishes represent a range of authentic Italian flavors with manicotti which features hallow pasta tubes or shells filled with a blend of Italian cheeses and herbs, then baked to perfection. Pasta arrabbiata has a blend of rich flavors with a spicy finish that kicks up this vegetarian pasta dish a few notches. 

Students focused on learning vegan dishes should check out the vegan Thai cooking classes that instruct participants on how they can make their very own delicious dishes that they'll love to prepare for themselves and others. This class is ideal for someone who wants to learn more about preparing Thai food or wants to expand their knowledge on preparing delicious vegan dishes that are sure to impress. Some recipes featured in the classes include the following. 

  • Red lentil chili
  • Spring rolls
  • Vegan Pad Thai 

Learn how to artfully prepare bold flavors that appeal to the senses and provide you with an authentic Thai experience. This class is taught by Chef Rudy Donaldson, who has 15 years of restaurant experience. He brings his in-depth knowledge of Thai food right to you so that you can recreate these show-stopping meals anytime. 

Italian Dinners

Learning how to cook classic Italian dishes is a great skill to master. Learn from one of the best chefs in the area, Chef Rudy, to learn how to make a full course classic Italian meal complete with dessert. Some dishes students will learn to create can include an Italian salad, homemade pasta, chicken Marsala, and decadent tiramisu. 

This class is excellent for team-building activities. This class itself is fun and provides plenty of laughter with participants. Group cooking classes have never been more exciting and filled with vital points to ensure each dish comes out perfect and tastes terrific. If you want to impress your friends and family in the future with a five-star meal you can cook on your own, you'll love this class option. 

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Asian Cooking

 If you're a fan of Asian dishes, these class options are sure to be a hit. Join Chef Marco and Chef Patty Chan to learn the secrets to creating perfect Asian dumplings. This relaxed and highly informative class is designed to help students perfect the fine points of creating authentic dumplings, from making the filling to crimping the edges, so they cook to perfection.

This class offers you the chance to learn two styles of dumpling creation, including Beijing shape and Taipei. You'll also create pork soup dumplings and vegan yummy dumplings. When you finish with this course, you'll be ready to make them on your own to impress guests or polish your date night. 

You can also choose the Asian Dumplings & Dim Sum class led by Chef Rudy. This three-hour group class focuses on the fine points of creating classic pork Dim Sum dumplings, which are pan-fried or steamed. You'll also learn the best methods for creating classic potstickers with various fillings.

Finally, discover Jiaozi dumplings, a Chinese New Year specialty. This style of dumpling is filled with vegetables and chicken and is sure to be a new favorite dish. Enjoy this lighthearted and fun class that has plenty of food and drinks with incredible people. 

Something for Everyone

Selfup is the leader in fun and informative cooking classes in the Boston area. Trust our top chefs to provide you with the know-how to recreate these top dishes and have a great time in the process. Whether you're interested in a date night activity for couples, or you want to schedule an exciting team-building event for corporate groups, we have you covered. It's easy to enroll in each class, and we offer free cancelation up to 2 days before the scheduled class. 

Try something new and exciting for your next outing and learn an incredible new skill in the process. Take some time to browse through the website to learn more and ready details about each option we currently offer at Selfup and signup to reserve your spot. 

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