Fun Team Building Activities Featuring Food!

Team Buildings are essentially any form of activity where you work together as a group to solve a complex problem or create together in a nontraditional format. The purpose is to promote collaboration and boost motivation through group thinking and participation. Sure, you can bond over drinks during happy hour at a local bar, but a really intimate and personable way to get to know your friends, family, or colleagues, is by engaging in something that requires you to use your brain a bit and try something that is both exciting and challenging.

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How are Cooking Classes Fun Team Building Activities?

There are tons of team-building activities out there–escape rooms, relay races, trivia nights. However, we think you’ll receive the most benefits through engaging in one of our cooking classes, specifically designed to playfully foster connection in a group setting.

Our team-building cooking classes showcase the authenticity of cultures around the world through cooking tasteful food and learning useful culinary skills. We emphasize the importance of togetherness in this cooking experience because we believe team-building activities are the ideal way to bond in an unusual, down-to-earth setting. Cooking as a group provides people with varying backgrounds, skill sets, and communication styles the chance to practice leadership and decision-making skills, and teamwork–which are all vital skills to comprehend in any line of work.

Prepping, cooking, and later on eating your creations as a team is an infallible way to institute a memorable experience, try new things, and boost team spirit. The best part about this activity is that your team gets to create something tangible–and edible–where you can truly see the successes of their hard work. Our 5-Star dinner courses are unlike anything you will find anywhere else, and you’ll get to engage with our highly knowledgeable chefs throughout the entire experience

Cooking Classes for Groups

 We offer a variety of different cooking courses at Selfup so no matter what your taste palette, you can still join in on the fun. For those who love Italian, check out our Fresh Pasta Cooking Class, where you’ll focus on making pasta from scratch. As a team, our chef will guide you through how to make and knead the freshly made dough into uniquely traditional Italian pasta shapes. Who doesn’t love conversing over homemade pasta and authentic Italian wine?

If you’re on the health food train or want to learn more about how to incorporate healthy and nourishing foods into your diet, you’ll definitely want to experience our Healthy Eating Team Building Class. Learn the basics of producing hearty and nutrient-dense dishes that you’ll want to share with all of your friends and family.

Our cooking class courses are generally three hours in length, either during lunchtime or in the evening. Some classes focus on 3 dishes, while others focus on 5-course meals, and no matter which class you decide on, you’re in for a real treat.

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Why Team Buildings?

According to Kenexa , an IBM company that provides employment and retention services, “50% of positive changes in communication patterns in the workplace can be credited to social interaction outside the workplace.” This demonstrates that communication that takes place in a laid-back environment has a huge impact on the way employees operate together while at work. Assembling a safe space off the clock where employees feel free to express themselves is a way to welcome unexplored friendships and fresh ideas, too.

Not only that, but it is also the perfect way to give your employees recognition for all of their hard work and dedication. With 63% of employees feeling like they don’t get enough praise,  it goes to show that awarding your employees for their time and effort is a crucial aspect that in part determines the overall success of a business.

Give your colleagues merits and positive reinforcement other than online praise or a seemingly useless “Employee of the Week” placard. When you show gratitude in unique ways, employees feel appreciated and can come back to the office with an elevated outlook on where they stand within the company. With cooking classes, your colleagues will be able to take something home with them–the experience itself, the connections and memories formed during the said experience, and a new recipe to add to their lunch or dinner menu roster.

If you’ve noticed a bit of stagnancy or stale energy within your workspace or in online communication between your employee groups, take action and shift the behavior of your business by suggesting a team-building activity like a cooking class. Team building cooking classes level the playing field for those in diverse roles with varying skill sets. Employees can be themselves in a low-pressure environment, allowing for authentic conversations to happen and refreshing ideas to form.  It also provides those who are more introverted with a refuge to communicate free of judgment, and for people in different departments to work cross-functionally. This type of cross-functional collaboration is a great way to encourage cooperation inside the workplace.

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How to Sign up For a Class

Many companies get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily to-dos that they overlook how essential it is to constantly evolve as an organization and create a space where growth across teams and for all employees is possible. As businesses grow and develop, so do their internal processes, and it is important to implement organization development through tactics that are both effective and sustainable. Our team-building cooking classes provide just that for our student chefs, and are well aware of all the benefits that team buildings can have on an organization.

Do the employees at your organization need a boost of confidence or a shift in energy? Are you hoping to get to know your colleagues on a deeper level or learn a new recipe, simultaneously? Your belly and team will thank you for signing up for one of our cooking class team-building experiences. Check our calendar for upcoming dates and times for our diverse list of group cooking courses!

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