One of the Most Effective Team Building Exercises for Work Goup

 The alignment of your team members is what keeps company ethos alive and well, serving as the glue that holds your organization together. That is precisely why team building is crucial to any established business. When you bring your colleagues together to solve complex problems or create together in a new environment and social setting, it not only provides an opportunity for your internal networks to join forces, but also helps spark new ideas. You can break down barriers with team-building activities, helping to create a safe space for your employees to communicate and make group decisions.

Team building exercises can be anything from strategy-based escape rooms to physical endurance tests, such as relay races. The sky is the limit regarding options to strengthen company bonds, but not all are created equal. While there are many ways to build morale and connect deeper within a team setting, we believe cooking activities for teams to be the most authentic way to bring your colleagues together. They provide outstanding benefits, including positive reinforcement and employee appreciation via the gift of cooking as a group. 

Unlike potato sack races or board games, team-building in the kitchen is less demanding, chaotic, and, frankly, more intimate–no matter your team size. The lighthearted activity of group cooking gives your employees all the tools to connect, learn, create and indulge together as one. It is a low-key way for coworkers to engage in conversation, work together in new ways, learn new skills, and socialize on a more personal level.

Team Building Exercises for Work | 3 people making pasta dough

One of the Most Effective Team Building Exercises for Work

Within Selfup team-building cooking classes, you’ll explore traditional dishes from diverse cultures and learn valuable culinary skills, as a team. It becomes a matchless bonding experience that can help change the dynamic within the office. Our classes' pace allows your group ample time to get to know each other and have fun while making delicious eats, and your employees will learn vital skills that will enhance their work performance, no matter what the line of work. Choose from making fresh pasta, Asian dumplings and dim sum, authentic Japanese sushi, New England classics, healthy eats, French bistro, or homemade pizza. Watch as your employees dissolve fears and take on new leadership skills.

Some of your colleagues might be shyer, and others might always be the loudest in the room. Likewise, some might be more logical and others more creative. Whatever personality types you're working with, everyone must be on the same page for the culture to feel genuine and inviting. Selfup's kitchen offers a nonjudgmental atmosphere where playfulness, positivity, leadership, and collaboration are encouraged.

Team-building cooking activities inject rejuvenating energy into a stagnant or slow-moving environment. Bringing your business associates into a safe space where no one is being reviewed or observed allows people who don't often interact the freedom to do so, and can promote cross-functional workflows.  Extroverts and introverts alike can get to know each other on an even playing field. A cooking course with Selfup will quickly shift your business's behavior and allow authentic conversations to happen more naturally. 

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Increasing Morale with Team Building Exercises for Work

When you show up for your employees by gifting them this interactive and exciting experience, they will feel appreciated and more motivated to work harder when back in the office. Rewarding employees for their performance and effort inherently ignites a deeper desire to keep the momentum going. You hold power to help your company progress, starting with making sure each individual feels heard and seen. If you're hoping to increase the collective energy and team spirit within your company culture, choose team-building activities encouraging group thinking, participation, and a reward, such as making a homemade 5-star meal at Selfup!

Team building isn't just limited to organizations. Our team-building classes are also great for clubs, such as men's or women's groups, parenting groups, or other community groups.

Our 5-Star dinner courses are an experience to be remembered and unlike anything you will find anywhere else. If you're ready to take your business to the next level and increase stamina company-wide, scope our Team Building Activities with your colleagues and get a date down in the books for your next company outing!

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