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The whole purpose of team building is relationships. The ability to connect (personally and professionally) between colleagues has a direct impact on work performance.

Through team building activities, you get to know and appreciate different personalities. Over the years, team building has evolved from simply rock climbing and games.

More companies are taking up team building cooking classes as a way of getting to know each other. You discover hidden skills you didn’t know you had as you learn new ones along the way. You also bring out your team spirit and creativity in making different dishes.

A team building cooking class in Boston will practically equip you with new culinary skills. The activities are tailored to be fun, engaging and more importantly encourage teamwork. 

9 Dishes You Will Learn During a Team Building Cooking Class

  1. Italian Dinner with Tiramisu Finale

The Italian dinner is a favorite cooking activity for many companies. The Boston master chefs teach you a step by step procedure of how to make fresh pasta. Working together as a team, you prepare and roll the dough all the way to completion.

During this activity, you also learn how to stretch mozzarella, prepare cheese tortellini and tiramisu. Finally, time to enjoy the Italian dinner together as a team!

  1. Cocktails Mixology Class

Who doesn’t love making a good cocktail?

The cocktails mixology team building activity is often requested by a number of companies. And for good reason. This activity will help you and your team identify various ingredients used to make the cocktails. You will engage in a fun cocktail trivia and create unique memories. Read more about the cocktails mixology class here.

  1. Authentic Japanese Sushi

In recent years, cooking class team building events have evolved. They are more accommodating of other foods from all over the world. The Authentic Japanese Sushi is one of these dishes.

It is an intriguing dish that allows you to learn from the best Japanese master chefs in Boston. It requires you to be detail oriented, listen and communicate in order to recreate your own dish sushi dish.

Some of the exciting dishes you will make will include; kariforunia and tekamaki.

  1. Home Made Dumplings

Nothing brings a team together more than making dumplings! The master chefs transform the cooking class into one big party. The Asian Dumpling party is the perfect way for people to interact and know each other while making a tasty meal.

The chefs will require you to tell your stories about food during this team building event. This will also help you know what lessons and skills you will take from this experience.

  1. Pizza Making Team Building Class

Pizza making is one of those team building cooking class ideas that will never ran out of style.

During office parties, birthdays and celebrations, you will mostly find boxes of pizza. Eating ready-made pizza is enjoyable, but nothing is more enjoyable than eating your self- made pizza.

And nothing makes the experience better than working together to create a perfect pizza.

The chefs will show you how to prepare pizza dough from scratch. You will have a variety of ingredients to choose from. The fun doesn’t stop there; you get to stretch your own mozzarella cheese and use as many toppings as you want!

  1. French Cooking Team Building Class

Creating French cuisine is not always the easiest task. It’s even harder when you have to create your own ingredients from the ground up.

Luckily, our master chefs make the process seem like a walk in the park. In this self-up French cooking class you will simple tricks from the chef that will help you create perfect French dishes.

As a team, you will learn how to make crepes by preparing the dough, make French Bistro salad, French beef stew, etc. The best part? Enjoying the delicious meal you have prepared as a team!

  1. Chocolate Tasting

Chocolate tasting is one of the most famous team building events in Boston. Together with the team, you taste and appreciate different chocolates from all over the world. The team will get to taste three white and dark chocolates to identify different flavors and textures.

The Boston’s Chocolate Connoisseur will teach the team how to make delicious chocolate treats. The chocolatier guarantees fun and tasty experience in which you get to learn tricks in chocolate making.

  1. Cuban Team Building Class

Cuban cuisine is known to have a protein and a lot of rice! A cooking class team building activity such as the Cuban class teaches you about flavor and creativity.

The master chef will start you off on an easy dish like the Cuban pressed sandwich and Cuban bread. The chef will show you how to make sandwich sides such as delicious potato chips and finish off with a Cuban dessert.

Everything will be made from scratch so that you can learn as much as you can.

  1. Healthy Eating Team Building Class

This is one of the most crucial lessons you will learn in a team building cooking class. This is because we spend so much time at work. It’s easy to forget to eat well and resort to unhealthy food from the vending machine.

Your master chefs for the day will take the team through how to prepare and eat healthy meals. This is simple and quick meals packed with nutrition to last you through the entire day.

As a team, you will start off by preparing salads from ancient grain farro. Farro is used because of its immense health benefits over other starches like potatoes. Together as a group, you will also prepare healthy zucchini noodles as well as an avocado pesto. This will be accompanied by a sautéed shrimp to make a fully balanced highly nutritious meal.

What other team building cooking class ideas would you like to learn?

Let us know below and attend our upcoming cooking class team building events here.

You will learn how to cook in a fast, easy and exciting way from top master chefs in Boston.