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So your anniversary with your partner is approaching, or maybe you have an upcoming birthday and are unsure how to celebrate this year. Why not spice things up and try a nontraditional way to salute another lap around the sun or honor your union with your lover? Skip the birthday brunch, date night dinner and a movie, and overpriced restaurants and try out one of Selfup cooking classes to make your special day one for the books.

That said, there’s no need to have a reason for the occasion! If you simply want to relish time with your significant other or friends, experiencing a hands-on activity that is both new and exciting can take you out of the mundane and raise your vibrational frequencies. Moreover, cooking classes are an excellent way to foster more profound connections over a shared love of food. Whether you prefer to stick to home cooking or usually dine out, cooking classes are an interactive and stimulating way to spruce up your daily food regimen, share laughs, and create a memorable experience all in one.

In our cooking classes, you’ll deep dive into the traditions, ethnic dishes, and authentic ingredients of cultures worldwide, learning new things about yourself–and whomever you decide to bring–in the process!

Couples Activities for Adults | A couple learning to cook

Cooking Activities for Adults Looking for Fun!

Cooking activities for adults are undoubtedly a unique way to bond and let loose, not to mention they can teach great life lessons. Getting your hands dirty and letting your guard down can keep you humble while teaching about acceptance, imperfection, perseverance, and forgiveness for things out of your control. It is also an exciting opportunity to get playful and surrender to the present as you hand knead, roll, shape and make your dishes from scratch.

Our cooking classes fuse education with pleasure, in which you’ll be taught basic culinary skills and etiquette, how to be more prepared and efficient in the kitchen, as well as tricky techniques and kitchen hacks. As a team, you’ll traverse through crafting traditional dishes such as Asian dumplings, Italian pasta and pizza, Mexican Fiesta, New England classics, and French bistro. Along the way, you’ll practice overcoming mini failures as a group, working through challenges and hiccups, and most importantly–how to have fun in the kitchen!

Not only will you learn several new recipes to add to your recipe booklet, but you’ll get the chance to work together with your dearest friends, conquer goals as a team, and experience the joys of having your cake and eating it too.

Adult Cooking Activity | People around table cooking

As you can see, cooking activities aren’t just about learning a new dish. There are no limitations regarding what you might discover within our classes. We’ve designed a few unique courses fit for different dietary requirements and food preferences, as well as how to perfectly pair beverages with the food you’ll be preparing. You’ll get a glimpse into Food and Wine Pairing 101, lending you skills you can use in your kitchen for future dinner guests.

Couples Cooking Class | A couple dancing and cooking

Collaboration has never been more exciting when the end goal is to share your successes as a team, in this case, creating divine dishes you then get to devour with those you hold nearest and dearest to you. It’s time to flip the script and trade in a dinner date night out or a quiet dinner for the unforgettable experience of a couples cooking class. Keep the flame alive with these hands-on courses and enjoy the recipes a thousand times over in your own kitchen, long after the class has ended!

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