Cooking Activities for Corporate Teams in Boston

Team building is essential for organizations large and small. Without a sense of teamwork, people can’t come together and achieve meaningful success for the organization. Rivalries, distrust, and miscommunication rule the day.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Boston corporate team building activities can help bring people together, improve communication, and ensure that your team members trust one another. While there are many different team building options out there, one that you should certainly consider is building a sense of team cohesion through cooking. 

Boston Corporate Team Building  | 3 people making pasta dough

Does Team Building Work?

First, let’s address the elephant in the room. Do team building activities work? It’s natural to wonder about this. After all, the process has gotten a bad rap. It conjures up images of trust falls and weekends spent in a woodland environment, trying to come together around a campfire while someone plays “Kumbaya” on an acoustic guitar.

The truth is that team building does work, but you must go about it the right way. The first thing you need to do, according to Forbes, is to ditch the corporate environment. That doesn’t mean a trip to the wilderness, but you do need to get everyone out of the office.

You also need to leave all the corporate trappings behind. If you want Boston corporate team building to be successful, you’ll need to ensure that the events don’t feel like team building. What does that mean? Simply put, if your activities are overtly aimed at building leadership skills, they’ll probably fail to achieve that goal. Building a sense of teamwork and camaraderie requires more than academic learning. You must:

  • Create shared experiences
  • Help team members work toward a common goal
  • Ensure team members spend time with one another outside the work environment
  • Focus on organic bonding experiences rather than artificial leadership and communication lessons

What qualifies in terms of team building experiences? It can be almost anything. A group trip to a concert or movie might do the trick. Finding ways to ensure everyone can walk a mile in their teammate’s shoes can also be a good option.

However, when it comes to Boston corporate team building, cooking might just be the best solution.

Corporate Team Building | A salad

Why Consider Boston Corporate Team Building through Cooking? 

What makes cooking the best option for Boston corporate team building needs? Actually, you’ll find a wide range of benefits here. Let’s explore what you should know.

Shared Experiences: When it comes to team building, shared experiences are far more important than teaching formal lessons. That’s why if you compare two teams, one that regularly went to backyard cookouts together and another that attended formal classes on leadership and communication, the one that got together for burgers and beers every week would regularly outperform the one that received a formal education.

And when it comes to shared experiences, few things compare to coming together to cook and eat! After all, food is at the heart of so much of what humans do – it’s intrinsic to us and our cultures. Shared cooking experiences can help us learn more about those cultures and create the common ground needed for us to come together and act as a team.

Getting to Know One Another: You cannot work well with someone you don’t know. Strangers can’t come together and work efficiently. And, make no mistake, your team members are mostly strangers to one another, despite working adjacently for some time. However, with the shared experience of cooking comes a deeper familiarity with one another. When your team members feel that they know one another, the bond that holds the team together is much stronger. 

Communication: Nothing is more important in a functioning kitchen than communication. When you pair your team together to create culinary delights, they’ll need to communicate with one another, and even with competing teams to ensure safety in the kitchen as they move from station to station. 

Patience: Patience is one of those characteristics that often seems in short supply. Boston corporate team building through cooking helps to build patience in several ways, including while team members wait for others to finish with equipment, cooking stations, or specific steps in the meal prep process.

Teamwork: The entire point of Boston corporate team building is to get a group of disparate individuals to come together and act as one. In team cooking activities, your team members will learn to spot mistakes and help one another correct them. After all, the team’s success hinges on everyone doing their part correctly, and a single misstep could mean a ruined dish. This ensures that they can come together and work toward a shared goal (the finished meal). 

Creativity: Few things are as important in the business world as creativity. You expect your team members to be able to think around corners but building creativity can be tough to do. Cooking challenges your team to think about things in new ways, whether that’s imagining how different ingredients will taste when they come together, how to cook different foods to achieve the right consistency, or something else. Team building through cooking helps everyone become more creative and fosters a spirit of innovation.

Personal Qualities: In addition to the skills and capabilities necessary for teamwork, Boston corporate team building through cooking can also help strengthen personal qualities. For instance, success in cooking builds self-confidence. A shared experience also builds confidence in one another. Cooking allows people to learn something new, too, which helps people feel better about themselves.

As you can see, Boston corporate team building through cooking helps build strong, confident employees, forges stronger team bonds, and ensures that your people can come together and work toward a common goal. What are the best cooking challenges, though? What sorts of cooking should your team focus on?

Team Building Activties | 3 people cooking ravioli

The Best Culinary Team Building Options

Almost any type of cooking challenge will help you bring your team together, but some options are better than others. 

Pizza – Everyone loves a delicious pizza! Yet it is one of the most challenging foods to make, particularly when it involves tossing the crust by hand. In a pizza cooking competition, your people will need to come together to make the crust, top the pizza, layer in the sauce and cheese, and then bake it to delicious perfection. 

Pasta – Cooking pasta is one of the simplest things in the world, but what if you have to make the pasta before cooking it? Pasta making is incredibly challenging, and your team will find that it’s also very rewarding. They’ll be required to combine dough ingredients, form the pasta, cut it, and then cook it.

Cooking Challenges – Want to really up the ante in the kitchen? Have your team members break up into smaller groups and then go head-to-head to create delicious dishes in a timed challenge. You can limit the number of ingredients, specify cooking methods, and throw other curveballs to keep them on their toes!

In Conclusion

Ultimately, Boston corporate team building is a vital process. However, it must be done correctly, or your people won’t absorb the lesson and develop the skills required to be successful. With cooking-related classes and challenges, you add fun to the mix, get them to come together for shared experiences, and strengthen the skills they need to succeed.

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