Benefits of Booking a Cooking Class for Your Team-Building

Your employees may need a ‘reboot’ once in a while. If you have always done the same thing for team building then most probably you are looking for something new. If this is the case, then you are in the right place because I’m about to let you in on a secret! Did you know that Selfup offers team-building and events in Boston for large groups?

A cooking team-building exercise is one of the best trendy corporate outing ideas in Boston for you as an employer right now. And if you are going to book an event, you are going to want to book one with a company with superb reviews and best chefs. This is why Selfup should be at the top of your list.

With Selfup, you can book an event from a variety of amazing cooking classes we offer from

Italian Dinner with TiramisuAuthentic Pizza Making, to Craft Cocktail and Mixology class depending on what you think is best and most fun for your employees. Most of our classes take place at our flagship location in the very heart of Boston (19 Kingston st, Boston) where we can host large groups.


When last did you hold a team building for your workforce and was it the same boring routine you always undertake?

If you are looking for summer team outing ideas in Boston at this time then look no further. A cooking class is a great company outing idea that is hustle free. All you have to do just send us a request and we do the rest. So, in comparison to other conventional team building activities, what are the benefits of a cooking class for your team building activity? Here are a few.

Encourages diversity in the workplace.

Preparing different cuisines from different cultural backgrounds helps bridge the cultural gap between your employees if you have a culturally diverse workforce.

This can help people start conversations and also it's a perfect way to break the barriers and get your employees integrating. In the end, you will have a much stronger team instead of different small groups formed on the basis of their cultural backgrounds.  

Better communication.

Cooking in a team requires clear communication in terms of the ingredients needed and their respective amounts. What better way to improve communication in the workplace

Team building Selfup

Communication is a key ingredient of any successful workplace relations. However, in the formal workplace environment coworkers may have difficulties communicating especially when it comes to certain topics.

A cooking teambuilding exercise brings all your employees together from the high ranks to the lowest.

During this team building cooking class, your employees will want to produce the best result for their group. This will get people who rarely communicate talking to realize this goal. The best way to do it is by putting people who do not talk much in one group. Try as much as possible to integrate the people across ranks and departments.

In this sense, a cooking exercise for your workforce helps break the communication barrier between your staff members.

It’s all about teamwork.

Different from other team building activities, the result in a cooking exercise is very practical.

Preparing a multicourse meal requires a lot of coordination to produce the best result from the team.

Individually, a person could be a great cook but when it’s a team activity, every person’s actions determine the result from preparing the ingredients to the presentation. This will encourage coworkers to look out for each other and to help each other when one veers off the procedure.

Performing the different tasks in the cooking process will help foster good teamwork practices applicable in a work environment.

Improving self-confidence.

In a workplace setting, it may be hard for introverted employees to work up the confidence to approach coworkers. It is easy for some workers to get overshadowed by the ones with stronger personalities. However, a team-building cooking exercise brings employees across the divide together.

Knowing that one contributed to a team effort with a delicious final result can help boost self-confidence in shy employees.

An opportunity to learn something new.

A good percentage of Americans nowadays don’t know how to cook. A cooking class for a team-building exercise unlike other teambuilding exercise presents an opportunity for the employees to learn something new and one they can use at home too!

Getting to know each other outside of work.

Coworkers mostly interact only in the work environment with laid down formal guidelines. Team building cooking class will help place the employees in a different environment where they can discuss other topics that are not work-related.

These informal relations help coworkers understand each other in better ways and develop empathy and understanding for one another. In the end, you will end up with a more cohesive workforce who understands each other on a much deeper level.

Team OutingEncourages Creativity.

When it comes to creativity, there is no better place to summon your creative genius than the kitchen.
Cooking requires one to get creative with the ingredients to bring out the best result or create entirely new recipes of your own.
Engaging your workforce in a cooking class will be the perfect way to encourage creativity and innovation from your workforce.

Developing social skills.

As a workforce cooks together they develop some important social skills. You have to learn how to be patient as you wait for one team to finish up one step so that the next can take up the process. Coworkers also learn to help each other fix their mistakes as one person’s mistake can spoil the whole dish.

All these are important social and interpersonal skills that can be used in a workplace for a harmonious work environment.

In conclusion, unlike other teambuilding activities, a cooking class has a very practical result and it is a fun activity that engages all the employees.

If you are looking for a team outing idea in Boston, a cooking class is a perfect unconventional fun idea. Don’t always engage in the same old team building activities your employees are used to. It is good to do something out of the ordinary once in a while.

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