The Perfect Team Building Activity: Professional Cooking Classes

Trying to manage a team during the coronavirus crisis is tough. Trust us - as a small business in the Boston area, we’ve had to adapt and change to meet our customers' needs as well as our employees’. Looking out for members of your company requires a lot of things, but one of the most important is morale. It’s hard out there for everyone right now, and we all are missing the communal workspace experience - even if we aren’t quite ready to admit it!

When posed with the idea of things to do online with your team, your first thought might be “how is a fun virtual team building activity even possible?” Lucky for you, Selfup has multiple entertaining, interactive, and most importantly delicious cooking classes that we’ve formatted to work in an online space. Our remote team building activities are the perfect way to raise morale and increase team communication and connection. Yes, online cooking classes are possible and already happening - take it from our happy clients! 

My daughter and her boyfriend really enjoyed the class. Thank you!

Ellen Coco

Thank you so much for putting that cooking class together last week. It was really great to have something to look forward to.

Kelly O'Connell

Your next question is probably “how would an online team building cooking class work?” A fair question - grocery stores can be stressful and cooking at home three meals a day can be exhausting. That’s why Selfup has taken all the stress out of this one mealtime. Days before your class, your team will receive a list of ingredients that you either probably already have in your pantry or that are easily accessible from your local grocery store. Once you’ve collected the necessary items, all your team has to do is tune in on your scheduled day for a fun and interactive employee appreciation day or happy hour!

Virtual Team Building class

We offer the best live cooking classes taught by professional chefs. Unlike any how-to videos you would find on the internet, our Selfup experiences are interactive, so you can ask the chef as many questions as you’d like during the class. The live atmosphere also means the remote team building activity is adaptable to any group of people. Our professional chefs love teaching teams how to cook, but most importantly they love helping people have a great time. These classes are better than a virtual happy hour because there is a fun project to complete, where the reward is a delicious meal you can all share together over a virtual communal table. 

We’ve lost access to a lot of things that make us happy, but one of the things we still have is food. You can choose from mouth-watering dishes like creamy mushroom risotto, tangy and hearty chicken piccata, or the American classic: glazed meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Your team is sure to love both the comforting meal and the anything but ordinary team building activity. 

Our virtual icebreaker cooking classes are really the best way to boost your team’s motivation and cultivate connections that will last far beyond our current physical separation. Book your Selfup class now for the spark of creativity and innovation your team needs.

Learn more about our team building activity cooking classes.

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