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Patty and Marc put a twist on traditional dumpling houses by creating vegetable infused skins, various organic fillings and they bring their own unique personalities to the process! ... moreThey are always working together to develop new and delicious creations.
You gonna love it
Discover the unique tastes of fine chocolates made from cocoa beans grown in different parts of the world. Along the way, you'll learn about how chocolate ... more
is made and all the steps that affect both flavor and texture. Then you can make
your own chocolate confections! You’ll pipe and decorate mendiants, French
chocolates traditionally topped with nuts and dried fruit, but here's your chance to
be creative as you choose from a variety of toppings. Take home a box of your
creations to share with family and friends.
Flavor and texture
Whole animal butchery is an essential skill to have. Whole animal butchery gives you a better respect for the animal and it also saves you money. ... more

You will learn about the different cuts of the beef. The best cooking methods for each primal of the beef.

This activity will teach you how to use every part of the beef. Leaving you with the chance to challenge yourself to use every part of the beef.

Oh and the meat is yours to keep!
Take apart whole animal
Join Chef Perreira for a memorable evening with classic Italian fare. As part of this custom cooking activity, you will learn how to make fresh pasta, Italian sauces, and much more.... more

Celio Pereira, who spent 17 years at Mamma Maria, to oversee the kitchen. Their aim is to put a fresh spin on simple dishes, and some highlights will include wagyu beef polpette, pappardelle with wild-boar ragu and Neapolitan pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven brought in from Naples, Italy.
Rediscover Italian cuisine
The benefit for parents is long lasting Kids go home after this class they start cooking on their own . us usually they start cooking the recipeds that we have made in the classs , ... morebut i get testitmonty after testimonty of paretns that saying that their kids are more interested in cooking and they cooking by thesmelves the resipec that we have made here, and the time goes on prolly month or later we start gettin testimonials that kids are brenching out and being creative with cooking. they but kids get more intereted in cooking the recipes that we have made here , kids brenching out and making different foods. and you get kids cooking they are so proud of themselves that they can make dinner. The best test I have got is when parents say their son or daughter have made dinner for themselves and this is what it is all about.
Your kids will love it
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Chef Daniel designed this class to be both culinarily pleasing and comprehensive in covering cooking fundamentals. Experienced in a diverse range of cuisines, Chef Daniel is a true ... moreexpert in combining
flavor profiles and designing exceptionally creative food.

This class covers how to make fresh pasta dough and shapes through a menu encompassing a fantastic
chicken and ricotta cappelletti stuffed pasta with a rich chicken bolognese, a peppery insalata bianca,
and more.
Pasta with love
Kids Can be Chefs Too
You Need to Have Passion
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A warm, lovely experience with a couple of other fellow travelers culminating in a delicious dinner by candlelight outside under the pergola. We tasted new delights like homemade lavender ice cream and crispy battered sage. The cook was warm and engaging, and we had a delightful time cooking together.
John Smith
Boston, MA
Selfup was hands down our favorite experience in Boston. We had two nights in Boston and decided to escape the typical tourist regimen and spend one of our nights with Joana and I am so glad we did. Joana's hospitality was incredible.
Mary Jane
Boston, MA
I took my friends to the chocolate dessert class for a bachelorette party. All of us walked out laughing and talking about how much fun we had. I've taken 2 classes here, both are excellent! I've taken classes for the same cost at a Sur La Table and you walk away not learning much.
Sean Combs
Boston, MA