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Chef Larsen thrives upon teaching children how to cook healthy meals in order to increase their confidence. In this class, she will visit your home and entertain groups of up to five children for the afternoon while teaching them some of the most valuable skills they can learn! Cooking is a wonderful way for kids to build confidence in themselves, yet many working parents simply don’t have the time to teach their children the basics of culinary creation. This is where Chef Larsen comes in! Don’t worry about having to clean up a dirty kitchen afterward, as she will make sure that everything is left in the same condition it was found in!

The small group size ensures that each child gets the individual attention and instruction they need and deserve. She carefully instructs her pupils in the timeless art of creating healthy and delicious meals. Each child is responsible for creating four separate dishes, including a main course, a vegetable, a desert and a bread/granola item that they can take home to share with the whole family!

Cooking is an important life skill, and it is Kathleen’s goal to put a smile on each and every child’s face that takes her class. Parents are absolutely blown away by the results they see as well. “I get testimony after testimony from parents saying their kids are more interested in cooking,” Larsen states. “They’re so proud of themselves that they can make dinner… That’s what it’s all about!”
Educational and Fun
Person3 hours
Please note that Chef Larsen hosts her events at 19F Beals Cove Road, Hingham, MA with a limit of 4 participants. You can make a reservation for a greater number of attendees at your own location. If you would like to host this event at your location, please mention your address and other special requests at the checkout.
Weekly on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday4:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Weekly on Thursday2:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Weekly on Monday9:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Kids Can be Chefs Too
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It’s all about the grill and enjoying summer’s bounty. In this class, we’re grilling steak tips, chicken, shrimp and seasonal vegetables and Jeff will share tips and techniques such ... moreas brining, that ensure these babies come out tender and juicy. We’ll make four different sauces to mix and match--an Argentinian chimichurri reminiscent of Marlene’s five-week Patagonian sojourn, Asian style soy-lime sauce, kale pesto and Sriracha butter sauce so that you’ll have plenty of options for your next barbecue! In keeping with the theme, we’ll make a warm salad of grilled Romaine lettuce with walnuts and blue cheese and finish up with tropical fruit kabobs with a killer rum sauce. Yeah, it’s summer alright!

What's on the menu?
Grass-fed Grilled Steak tips, Sustainably-farmed Shrimp, Organic Chicken and Seasonal Vegetables with various dips served over organic rice, Grilled Organic Romaine Lettuce with walnuts and blue cheese, Tropical Fruit Kabobs with Rum Sauce (Gluten-free)
*Note: We will do our best to keep the ingredients/menu exactly as written, but substitutions may be made occasionally due to market availability and our desire to find the freshest produce possible.

Take your cooking skills to the next level with The Refined Cook Culinary Series, fun social events that give you tasty tips on preparing healthy, gourmet dinners. Come with friends or meet new ones. This is a friendly gathering of up to 8 people.

Your hosts are a wife and husband team who are passionate about great food and hosting sumptuous dinner parties. Learn new culinary techniques, efficient shortcuts, and unique plating ideas to elevate everyday meals into extraordinary ones. Watch and socialize or get hands-on experience in the kitchen or a little of both.

Event details:

Price covers tuition and materials (you will receive a copy of recipes)

Class size: 4-6 participants

Our ingredients are minimally, if at all, processed, and are usually organic or natural

Must be 21 yrs. and older

Held in a private home in a semi-professional kitchen with first-rate equipment (e.g., 6-burner Wolf range)

Instruction style is a combination of demonstration and hands-on

The address provided 48 hours before the event.

*Note: We wiill do our best to keep the ingredients/menu exactly as written, but substitutions may be made occasionally due to market availability and our desire to find the freshest produce possible. Pls. check prior to booking if you have dietary restrictions as we may not be able to accomodate substitutions.

For the consideration of all parties, we reserve the right to ask guests to leave if we deem their behavior inappropriate.
In this class, our chef will instruct you on the timeless art of constructing fresh and delicious pasta! The majority of Boston cooking classes tend to not focus upon authentic Italian ... morefare, so this is a real treat, as just about everyone loves pasta!

You will learn how to make different kinds of pasta here, such as tortellini and gnocchi. Tortellini has a very distinctive ring shape and is typically stuffed with all sorts of delicious fillings from various cheeses to different kinds of meats. Gnocchi is a small kind of dumpling that is generally thick in texture and flavored with various herbs. 

Menu for this class:

Italian Salad in Parmesan Crust Baskets

Fresh Mozzarella Cheese 

4 Kinds of Pasta

Chicken Marsala 

This is one of the most intriguing food classes in Boston you will ever find! Not only do you have the opportunity to learn directly from Chef Walker’s experiences and travels, you ... morewill literally learn how to take apart an entire animal!

While most butchering classes will only teach you how to obtain certain cuts of meat, in Chef Walker’s class, absolutely nothing goes to waste. You work with every part of the animal, from head to tail, learning the best preparation methods for each and every cut of meat you obtain.

The whole butchery not only promotes a greater respect for the animal you are utilizing, it encourages creativity, as you will be working with cuts of meat that may not be familiar to you! In this class, Chef Walker brings people together for incredible moments of education mixed with information and of course, fun.
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